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    Friday, December 17, 2010

    FOTD: Makeupbyleinabaaaby Inspired

    It's been a grip since I did one of these because I always forget to take pictures after I do a look, so Yay me for remembering this time!

    So I recreated one of Makeupbyleinabaaaby's look that she did a tutorial on youtube, it was her Rihanna Inspired Clubbing Look video. I wanted to recreate the look because it reminded me of this one eyeshadow that I got a few years that I never really used, Smashbox's Smashing Optic which is a gorgeous bright blue eyeshadow!

    Products Used:

    MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC42
    Pur Minerals Powder Foundation in Tan
    Arbonne Concealer (forgot what shade it was)
    NYC Loose Powder

    Eyes: all MAC unless stated otherwise
    Soft Ochre Paint Pot
    Brown Script e/s
    Smashbox Smashing Optic e/s
    Vapour e/s

    MAC Gentle Mineralize Blush
    Merle Norman Loose Foundation Light (highlight)

    Lips: MAC
    Viva Glam VI Special Edition
    Atmospheric l/g

    On to the pictures..

    The blue could've used a lil more blending eh?

    You can find a tutorial on this look on my youtube:

    Thanks for dropping by!


    Saturday, December 11, 2010

    Birthday 2010 Part 1

    This post is so long overdue..But then again, better late than never.

    So i turned the big TWO FIVE last 18th of October. waaaah, I'm getting old! My bf then *husband now* took me out for my birthday, we went to my favorite sushi place for AYCE. Yum! (We just went there again last night. Lol!) I can seriously eat sushi everyday, I'll probably turn into a sumo.. lol

    I love this place, it's only $20 per person, so super cheap. But the sushi is awesome, everything's fresh! I'll let the pics do the talking.

    So this was the outfit of the night:

    white romper from ross:

    oh so plain.

    so i put on a belt

    much better right?

    now on to the food pics

    Appetizer: Miso Soup & Seaweed Salad

    This is seriously my face when I took the first bite. Lol!

    Notice how I had my hair in a ponytail? Hell yes, I was ready for battle. LMAO.

    Rainbow Roll:

    From Left to Right: Las Vegas, Unagi (Eel) & Smoked Salmon

    Tempura Roll & New York Roll

    Mixed Tempura

    BBQ Short Ribs (for hubby only, I don't eat beef, pork or chicken)

    for dessert: Cheesecake *complimentary* yay for free birthday cake..slice!lol

    Damn, I want a cheesecake now. hmf.

    Next post will be Part 2, which is my birthday celebration in the club!


    Monday, November 15, 2010

    Back to Back Tutorials

    So I know I've been MIA again like always. Seems like I can never be consistent with my blog. But a lot has happened in the past month which i still need to blog about. But 'til then I'm going to post these 2 tutorials that i just recently did. Here ya go!

    Kim K. Inspired Tutorial

    Party Purple


    Saturday, September 25, 2010

    My Go-To Look

    When my creative juices are running dry and I can't think of what look to do, I always turn to one of my favorite eyeshadows, Satin Taupe. It's just so versatile, you can wear it during the day and smoke it out at night. And that was what I exactly did yesterday. Wore the daytime look then I just transformed it to a night time look simply by smoking it out, adding liner and false lashes. Saves me a lot of time, I swear, instead of taking off and re-doing everything, I just do this.

    Products Used: MAC unless stated otherwise:

    Studio Fix Powder in NC42
    Select Moisturecover in NW25
    NYC Translucent Powder (to set concealer)
    Merle Norman Mineral Powder in Cool Light (highlight)
    Secret Blush

    Stilife Paint (all over base)
    Satin Taupe e/s
    Blanc Type e/s
    Cork & Charcoal Brown e/s (brows)
    Maybelline Brow Pencil in Light Brown (brows)
    Merle Norman Tinted Brow Sealer in Light Brown
    Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black
    Maybelline Colossal Mascara in CLassic Black

    Feeling Good Tinted Lip Conditioner

    I actually did filmed a tutorial for this look a couple days ago..

    And on to the pictures (taken yesterday)

    As you can see it's very neutral yet it's still a polished look. Perfect for everyday wear. :)
    **eww i sound so commercial-esque..haha

    Turned into a night look..

    Additional Products Used:
    Carbon e/s (to smoke out the outer corner and the crease and lower lashline)
    Ardell Wispies (false lashes)

    Outfit of the night:

    My bf sucks at taking pics. He needs a lot of training still..haha..

    We actually went to see ATB spin at this club. I don't know if you're familiar with him, but he USED TO BE one of the best djs. Key words: USED TO BE. Ohhhmyyy he sucked so bad last night. This was actually the third time we saw him and sure is the last.. Good thing our tickets were comped. I would have been pissed if we paid to listen to trash..haha..

    ATB, it's been over a decade. You need to retire, it's Kaskade's time now.

    Our only pic of the night..


    Thursday, September 23, 2010

    Another Night Out..Another Dance Floor..

    Oh well Hello there!

    Long time no blog. Now i have more time in my hands, what better way to waste spend it than to blog. right?

    I haven't blogged in so long I don't even know what to blog about anymore. I haven't had anything interesting happen, make-up wise. I can't even remember the last time I bought make-up. Soooo..

    I am just gonna blog about last Saturday's happenings..

    My friend invited us to go out. Clubbing to me is meehhhh, been there, done that, same shit shit, different toilet kinda thing. I'm really tired of it, about a year and a half ago i think i did all the clubbing one is supposed to do during their lifetime. in other words, i overdid it. So every time someone invites us to go out, it's either we say yay, and not show up *i know it's fucked up* or we straight up decline. Last Saturday, i guess was different story, since we haven't gone out in awhile, i was just like "whatever, let's go, we can always go home if it's whack" so we went.. It was a last minute thing so obviously i didn't have anything planned to wear, I remember complaining to my friend "I have nothing to wear" she goes "B*tch, you have so many clothes I'm sure you'll find something..haha..True enough, i have this romper that I've never worn, paired it with heels and voila, outfit!

    Enough of the boring stuff, i think i'll let the pictures do the talking.

    warning: pic heavy

    So clever me forgot to take a picture of my outfit, good thing i almost always take a picture when i'm trying on something, so here's the romper (a pic i found in my phone)

    quick story about this romper: i actually tried this on a looooong time ago, i was gonna buy it but it was like $28, so i passed. I draw my limit on rompers at $20 so this clearly didn't make the cut. then a few days ago when i visited f21, i found it on clearance for $13.99..score! i know i'm pretty frugal when it comes to buying clothes. :)

    And the shoes that i paired it with:

    I got these back in February, never worn til that night!

    Ok so on to the clubbing pics..

    First pic of the Night and he's already tomato-red after one drink. Boy can't hold his alcohol. 2 patron shots and 2 midori sours for me on this one..

    The boys..

    The girls..

    Isn't she gorgeous? She's half Jap-half Mexican. I look like poop next to her.. lol

    She's so pretty, I have a girl crush on her..haha

    Us four altogether..

    By this time I already had a total of 4 patron shots and 4 midori sours.. just a lil bit tipsy..I didn't want to be too drunk..

    And apparently I only have one look when I'm drunkTIPSY.

    We weren't ready obviously..

    Let's try that again..

    And again..

    Getting "chinkier" as the night progresses..Alcohol does that to me

    FAIL couple pic..
    By this time, he's had 2 drinks: a Chili Bomb and a Midori Sour, he was sobering up since he was our DD. While I, on the other hand had *i recounted* 5 patron shots and 4 midori sours..

    More Pics:

    I met this girl that night. We surprisingly clicked. I usually don't do well with acquaintances, either I'm too shy that I come off as a snob, or I'm just a snob..haha..

    What better way to end the night than sober up, eat breakfast at 4 in the morning.
    Restaurant of choice:

    I actually like this pic, I look like I have an ass, too bad the pic came out dark. womp womp!

    Let's try that again.

    Alcohol level's gone down. Mouth full of veggie omelette. haha..

    So that's it. If you made it this far, thank you. Thank you for your patience going through all these pictures..Haha!

    Now i leave you with a picture taken a year and a half ago..Yikes.. A lot has changed..LOL