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    Tuesday, March 3, 2009

    Inked For Life

    So i got my tattoo yesterday..

    I've been wanting one ever since i can just took me forever to actually decide on what to get..the only dilemma *last minute* i had was what font to get it in, i was leaning towards Old English cuz i thought Latin would be nice written in Old English, my boyfriend was totally against it, he said it's too gangsta..haha..then when i was looking at fonts (in the parlor) i saw "libra font" and thought it's actually pretty cool, and I'm a Libra too so i got that the tattoo artist said, his exact words "I'm a tattoo artist and the ones i see getting Old English are Gangsta, Gang-Bang Motherfuckers"

    So here are the pics and one of the videos, my friend made sure that this experience of mine was well-documented.

    Before leaving the has been the face I've been wearing lately, that explains why i haven't posted new FOTDs..i also stopped wearing foundation, just ' and foundation have like a love-hate

    One last look at my bare back..

    Signing my life away, according to my

    Just putting on the stencil..Can you see the excitement on my face?

    smoke break before getting it DONE..


    i ain't gonna lie, bitch hurt a lot in the middle part..

    ..i had to bust out my iPod cuz the "buzz" bothered me..

    dirty and only took less than 30, huh?

    whew..all covered and shit..

    Finished Product..

    It's latin for "With heart and Soul" or "Strength with courage" *source:wikipedia*

    Overall experience, it was fun..I'm soo excited about the pain? wasn't as bad as i thought it would be..before i got it, i actually thought i was gonna cry and not be able to take it..Not a single damn tear..haha..the annoying part is having to wash it every 4 hours..*sigh*..i gotta do what i gotta do..

    My boyfriend, of course only saw pictures, at first he didn't like it and thought it was a lil too big than he expected, but he said as long as i like it, he's just didn't want to get a small one and be like "Damn, i should've gotten it bigger!" later i'm really happy with the outcome..

    this is my first but definitely not my last..

    I just want to say thank you for all the nice comments you left me on my previous post..MwahMwah!!..I'm trying to get back at all ya'll, sorry if i haven't yet..I'm getting my ass on it..



    MakeupByRenRen said...

    whoa mama, you go girl for getting it big!

    glitteryeyesxx said...

    Oh it's so HOT!!!

    What does it mean "Viet Animo"? Haha, sorry, I'm kinda slow...but wow, looks like one experience!

    I want to get tatted it up too but my pain threshold is pretty low :[
    Maybe this summer lol =)

    RessaMakeup said...

    cool tattoo. I like how u got something different. i think it takes alot to get inked i hope to get one done one day too. take care.

    SPECiAL x GiRL said...

    love it!<3

    Amina said...

    wow!! that is a badass tattoo!!it is pure hotness!!
    is it healing well?

    mayaari said...

    congrats on getting your first piece of ink! no the bad news - it's so addicting! I have 4 and I want to start working on a huge side piece :) and it's a good thing if it's starting to itch, that just means that the skin is healing - just do your best not to scratch it!

    Anonymous said...

    your tattoo looks lovelyy =) i have a tattoo in the same area but its just centered... omg yess it did hurt when was on the spine!. it looks beautiful girll =)

    Anonymous said...

    cool tatt.... love your coach carly