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    Thursday, November 6, 2008

    My MAC Collection '08

    WARNING: This post is a bit pic heavy.

    I've been meaning to do this post for awhile now, just never really got around to doing it til now. Nessa's post on her make-up collection also inspired me to do mine. It's been about a year or less since I started collecting MAC..It was around October when i first bought MAC eye shadows, Gold Mine and Black Tied *I still remember* although it wasn't 'til January when I started going all out with buying MAC, collection after collection, $200 there, $300 here, bla bla bla..It was Fafi when i went all out and spent almost $600, I feel stupid for it now, I don't even use half of the stuff I got from that collection..I've also kept the receipts from every MAC purchase, and let me tell you, I am not proud, shamed, actually..Oh well..I've changed..A LOT!..I cut way back on my make-up spending..I know how to control myself now. I don't feel like I have to get almost everything every time MAC comes out with new stuff, which is like every 2 weeks. I get that they recycle/repromote stuff every so often which is why I don't feel like I'm missing out when I don't get everything. Also, when I buy something, for example, an eye shadow, I make sure (at least try to) that i don't have anything similar. Like Nessa said, How many variations of Deep Truth do we really need?..Don't get me wrong though, I still buy stuff here and there, I'm present every time a new collection is out, let's just say, I'm smarter

    By the way, I didn't include my other make-up from different brands like, Smashbox, Nyx, Stila, Micabella, and other drugstore brands. I only focused on my MAC collection.

    So without further ado..My MAC Collection '08
    My eye shadows..

    My Pigments and Glitters..

    My Paint Pots

    My Blushes and Highlighters

    My Beauty Powders, MSFs and Sculpt and Shape Powder

    My Face Stuff (Foundations, Concealers, Fix *, Strobe Cream and Charged Waters)and Back Up Brush Cleanser

    and finally,

    My Brushes (full size and Special Edition)

    Whew!..That was hard work..It will take me awhile before I do this again..

    I know, I know, I still have a lot of updating to do, a couple of tag games, and a bunch of comments to leave at all y'alls pages..

    Oh before I forget, my boyfriend's departure was moved a few days later..He was supposed to leave tomorrow, but won't be leaving til Monday. So, we still have one more weekend to go..Yay! I work tomorrow though..11!


    jeSmakeup said...

    i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous! i want all those palettes u have n pigments n all those mAC STUFF! bOooO!!! ENVY GURL!

    Amina said...

    At least you now know what you like!
    Enjoy every moment with boyfriend :)

    by the way i also loove how you arranged your brushes

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    awww yay for another weekend together :) i feel you girl, taking pics of collections is hard work!

    Vanessa M. said...

    yummy! i love it!! so do you only use mac? or do you have others too?

    Roxy said...

    pretty collection! i only started buying mac in the last year too and ugh! i hate how they sucker you into buying everything! But you're right after a whiel you just get smart about it. =]

    xppinkx said...


    tell me your address so i can come in an pee and perhaps steal your for my lip color you probably have it!! it's the NARS turkish delight!!! the fat ass of kim kardashians go to lip gloss... like i said good enough for ray jay's pee pee good enough for me...

    Anonymous said...

    Wow...that is a lot of MAC!! Love it though!

    SPECiAL x GiRL said...

    your collection is envious & well organized! : )

    Btw, I tagged you so check it out on my blog : )

    Take care! : DD

    L said...

    fkn fabu collection, my shit aint no where near that and i got catchin up to do with MAC. i'm really feelin' their mineralize stuff and think that's def worth investin' in.

    Tina Marie Online said...

    Nice collection! I love your MSF's & blushes :)

    By the way Eyepopping is LE. It came out in 2006 from the C-Shock collection

    mc.lizzle xx said...

    shit son!!
    I want your pigments and glitters!
    there should be some competition for like the biggest mac stash.
    I havent bought as much yet but I dont know when to stop!
    Love your blog!

    steffi said...

    nice collection! very beautiful!

    Anonymous said...