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    Friday, September 5, 2008


    So.. i FINALLY decided to jump on the bandwagon and start making video tutorials..yikes..

    And ladies, I present to you my first ever video tutorial..

    I know, i know..i suck at this, but like what i said in the video, it will get better. I need your ladies' suggestions on how i can make this better.

    The quality of the video's really baaaad..It didn't look like that until i edited it on WMM and posted it on YT, so if anyone can tell me how to or what i should do, that will be very much appreciated!..thank you so much!




    Amina said...

    i looove the video!
    you did such a great job, i am too shy/a bit intimidated to venture to the video world!!
    i will be watching this tutorial several times until i know how to create a complex eye look! I usually work with 2, max 3 e/s so i was taking notes lol..

    thank you for breaking each step for us!
    i can't wait for more videos in the future

    L said...

    mandi, you did a great job! keep the vids comin' cuz someone will find it useful and inspiring! :)

    Anne @ said...

    yay! you're using the HIP crayon!! :)

    i like the video!! thanks for taking the time to do it :)

    mandilicious said...

    you guys are so sweet!..:D

    amina: i know, i was iffy about making video tutorials for the longest time but my boyfriend really wanted me to do this, he went and got me memory cards and figured out here i am, with my 1st tutorial!

    l: thanks!..i hope i can make the quality do you do it?:)

    anne: yeah!..i really like the HIP crayon, it held on longer than the shadestick!..i will try to get more colors, as of now, i only have blue and green..:)..thank you, but please teach me how to edit so the quality ain't this crappy..:(

    Hello KT said...

    im so excited you are doing tutorials now. i am IN LOVE with the look you did previously using the MAC pigment in "sweet sienna." i would like to see a tut. on that one ; D

    Kellie said...

    Loved your video!! For some odd reason, you remind me of Mariah Carey.

    Tessa said...

    I think you did a great job, I subscribed so keep em coming!

    tessa (blessed)

    cheeeezie said...

    very nice first video!!

    good on you for jumping on the tute bandwagon, i've always loved your looks and i can't wait to see what else you have in store for us :D

    Hello KT said...

    thanks! my name is katie = ) id be happy to link you too... but i think i did already lol.

    Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

    i love it! like always!

    Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

    oh! check out my blog real quick too ;)

    Anonymous said...

    You did good! Great in fact especially for a first vid. Heck, for a 100th vid. Welcome to the dark side.

    <3 Shawnta said...

    You did good girl!!!! Video's are tough and it takes a lot of work to put one together. I think you did a great job especially for it being your first one.

    jeSmakeup said...

    U did a great job =) and practice makes perfect so ull get use to everything =P keep it up!!