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    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    MAC haul

    FOTDs and Stila haul from Costco added!!!

    The boyfriend got back from Oakland yesterday. We went to Scottsdale Fashion to go to the MAC freestanding store to pick up a few stuff..

    My small haul:

    i KINDA got palette-happy *i'm borrowing your term Christiana*..i have so many eyeshadows, they won't fit my traincase anymore...I need better, BIGGER make-up storage. My caboodles ain't cutting it anymore..And since i don't go to the freestanding store that often, i decided to stock up..I'm sure these will all be filled soon..:)

    I also got a couple shadows from the Starflash collection; Grand Entrance and Glamour Check. The other two are Fig 1 (M2) and Texture e/s. I also got Peachykeen blush, Spiked brow pencil and Graphblack Technakohl which i needed since mine's about to retire soon..Oh and i included Gilded Green in the picture which i got a few days ago..

    I wanted to get more stuff, nothing in particular, was just being but i thought i'll wait til Cult of Cherry comes out next Thursday..


    I was inspired by youtuber Jude Rivera's tutorial on smokey iridescent green (i think that's the title or something like that). Anyway it was using a black base under MAC's Old Gold pigment. My version wasn't half as gorgeous as hers..wait, let me rephrase that, mine sucked..i didn't like how this came out..Thought i'd post it anyway.

    FACE: all MAC
    Mineralize Satinfinish
    Studio Finish concealer
    Select Moisturecover concealer
    MSF Natural
    Loose/Blot Powder

    Eyes: all MAC unless specified
    Bare Study p/p
    HIP Steely paint
    Old Gold pig.
    Brown Script e/s
    Espresso e/s
    Ricepaper e/s
    Twinks e/s
    Teddy Eye Kohl
    Colorstay l/l
    Colossal mascara

    MAC Warm Soul MB
    Too-Faced Sun Bunny
    MAC Pearl CCB

    Lips: MAC
    Lollipop l/s
    Sock Hop l/g


    same as above

    Soft Ochre p/p
    Otherworldly p/p
    Rollickin p/p
    Parrot e/s
    Mood Ring e/s (on top of Parrot)
    Cork e/s
    Cloudburst e/s
    Carbon e/s
    Vellum e/s
    Shroom e/s
    Colorstay l/l
    Colossal mascara

    Gentle MB

    Lips: MAC
    Naked to the Core l/s
    Sugar Trance l/g

    I was going for a defined crease look, but i failed since i think i over blended it..

    I took today off to be with my boyfriend..We mos def slept in til 11, i think..Then, We spent the rest of the day before he went to work, running errands..hehe..whateves, as long as we're together..

    We passed by Costco to check if they have any MAC shadows, but instead i found these which i tried getting a couple weeks back, and they didn't have it..So what i'll do is check back next week to see if they have MAC shadows already..y'all know this girl can't pass up good deals..

    I'm pretty psyched to use this..The brushes are super soft..I actually bought this set mainly for those..The shadows are aight..Very versatile all in all..for $18.99+tax, it's a winner!

    I also got my nails did last Thursday..I'm into glitter tips..But the bf thought the previous one (3d Silver inspired) i had was ghetto..So i got these instead, white tip topped with bigger chunks of glitter, it doesn't show that well here though..He actually likes this one..

    So that's all for now..

    The bf and i are about to watch The Book of Secrets..

    Good Night Ladies!



    Amina said...

    great haul!!
    i loove peachykeen....i can't wait to see fotds
    my make-up can't fit in my traincase either...
    i bought another one..

    cheeeezie said...

    i LOVE grand entrance - i would marry mine if i could lol <33

    my makeup doesn't fit into my traincase either. right now i'm looking at the pink one from sephora since i really need to give my makeup a proper home - they're literally scattered all over my bedroom floor :x

    Sheilla said...

    Wow, it's not really a small haul :P Love your peachykeen and starflash. Would you show off the picture of your traincase pleaseee? *Curious*! :D

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    nice haul! i'm all about the paletttes...ur going to love grand entrance and glamour check! they're the perfect neutrals with some oomphh

    mandilicious said...

    amina: i used peachykeen today..i loved it..i'll post an FOTD later..

    Cheezie: I was thinking of getting another traincase but, what i really need is a vanity and maybe one of those drawer thingy-majiggys from Costco or Officemax..

    Sheilla: I'm working on posting my MAC collection..

    Ren: I know, when the MUA swatched it together on my hand i loved it..they're so soft and so easy to blend..i wish they came out in other colors that are not similar to othe permanent ones..

    Anne @ said...

    i'm lovin th green! i have the stila palette too and actually did a tutorial on it :) will be posted on saturday though LOL.

    christy. said...

    Ahh great haul :) I seriously hope that the Costco over here sells makeup ): Must be a little bit cheaper too right?

    Your nails are gorgeousss :)

    mandilicious said...

    anne: thank you!
    ooh i want to see..i'm pretty excited to use mine too..

    Christy: I'll probably pass out when i see MAC shadows Stila set was indeed a steal!

    melai said...

    costco has mac? i have seen bare minerals, smashbox and stila traincase does not close properly too. its so hard to dig out what you need when you are in a hurry...

    Anonymous said...

    otherworldly looks great on you.. it just looks so bright in the pot so i could never get myself to buy it!

    Vanessa <3 said...

    i love your hauls!

    Anonymous said...

    i loveee the GREEEN ! im starting to get into greens. (; beautiffful! do you have youtube alsoo ?!

    mandilicious said...

    melai: yep..i read it on other people's blogs..we don't have it YET here in AZ

    tokyostargirl: thank you! of my fave p/p's..

    Vanessa: Thank you!..Hope you're feeling much better!

    vianca c.: Thank you!..No, i don't have one me..

    Tammy said...

    The blue is beautiful on you. I've been dying to go to Costco for some makeup goodies since I know they have them now, but I will be waiting till Oct since I've told myself I need to go on a makeup