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    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Pink Pearl Pigment

    I love duo-chrome pigments/shadows..You can do different looks with them, not looking like you're using the same eye shadow..Here are 2 FOTDs that show how "versatile" pink pearl pig. can be.

    Look #1
    Pretty in Pink..and Purple

    Eyes: all MAC unless stated
    Perky p/p
    Pink Pearl pig.
    Coppering e/s
    Fig. 1 e/s
    Shore Leave e/s
    Vellum e/s
    Graphblack Technakohl
    Teddy eye kohl
    Colorstay l/l
    Colossal mascara

    Cheeks: MAC
    Pearl CCB
    Peachykeen blush (i think)

    MAC Bateaux l/g (i think it was)

    Look #2
    Pink Pearl gone smoky

    Eyes: all MAC unless stated
    Bare Study p/p
    HIP Steely paint
    Pink Pearl pig.
    Texture e/s (my new Brown
    Black Tied e/s
    Carbon e/s
    Graphblack Technakohl (lil bit left)
    Colorstay l/l
    Colossal mascara

    Cheeks: MAC
    Light Flush MSF
    Sweetness BPB
    Shy Beauty BPB (a lil bit i think)

    Lips: MAC
    Atmospheric l/g
    Cult Fave l/g

    sorry for the crap pics..allergies, sinusitis or whatever it is, was kicking me in the butt..

    pardon the blurry shot..


    Did i ever mention how much i love MAC's Teal Pigment?

    a repeat..

    there you have it..i've been having BMUDs (Bad Make-Up Days) recently..

    Cult of Cherry and Overrich comes out tomorrow..We'll see what i'll be picking up..Hope to keep it under $100..Good Luck to me..:)


    MakeupByRenRen said...

    oh wow, totally versatile! i loveee teal pigment too, one of my all time faves. do you like texture e/s? i got it on accident in my MAC bag and i'm not sure whether to use it or return it...

    Hello KT said...

    I love you FOTD! I always want to try out the bright colors, but I'm always scared I will look like a clown! I really like your first pink look and the teal one though!

    Amina said...

    girl,you have mad skills!!
    i loove both looks!!!

    cheeeezie said...

    looove all your lookssss, as usual <33

    you've inspired me to break my pigments out of hibernation!

    BrightColoredMakeup said...

    i love the teal FOTD. and girl what are you talking about. these ain't no bad day makeup! lol. you're so talented with your work. i'm diggin it. ;D

    Vanessa <3 said...

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your looks!! you think Pink Opal is just as versatile?

    christy. said...

    holy FCUK :O i was going to SAY that the first two looks good really good with your skin tone and then when i got to the LAST picture. :O the color is sooo pretty :D you pull off teal oh so well