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    Friday, August 1, 2008

    Good News and More FOTDs


    Good News and Good News! My boyfriend's departure was moved, he was supposed to leave in October and now, he's not leaving 'til November, yay!..The other good news, we already found out where he's going, Texas, another yay!..Texas is so "near", hmmm, well, compared to Hawaii and Germany which WAS the other 2 possibilities..But of course, I'm still praying that they'll cancel but then again that might be asking for too

    On my previous post, i mentioned that i was going on a no buy the past week, and I like to say that was good while it didn't buy clothes nor MAC last week. I, however, broke my no buy for this..

    It was on clearance for $29.99..It would be stupid to pass up that deal..I'm not sure what the original price was, but i know it's way more than that. I've been eying these shoes for quite some time now..All i can say is Patience is a

    Ok so on to the FOTDs..

    Neautral with a POP (sorry no full face shots)
    I saw this look on a MAC MUA and i really liked it..Then i bought Wet n Wild's teal l/l and thought that's a good dupe for MAC's Aqualine l/l..Loves..

    Products Used: all MAC unless stated otherwise
    Bare Study p/p
    Nylon e/s
    Rich Flesh e/s
    Bateau e/s
    Ricepaper e/s
    Colorstay l/l
    Wet N Wild Teal l/l
    ..i also put MAC's Teal glitter liner on top of Wet N Wild l/l
    Maybelline's Colossal volume express mascara

    Look #2
    Teal is my favorite pigment. PERIOD!..It is so seriously vibrant. Pictures don't give justice to this pigment!

    Products Used:

    Face: all MAC
    Mineralize Skinfinish in NC 42
    Select Moisturecover in NW 30
    Studio Finish Concealer in NW 35
    MSF Natural in Medium Dark
    Loose/Blot Powder in Medium Dark

    Too-Faced Sun Bunny
    MAC Warm Soul m/b
    MAC Pearl CCB

    Eyes: all MAC unless specified
    Bare Study p/p
    Teal p/m (applied wet with FIX +)
    Cloudburst e/s
    Carbon e/s
    Ricepaper e/s ?
    Peacock *?* glitter liner
    Graphblack Technakohl
    Colorstay l/l
    Colossal VE mascara

    Lips: all MAC
    Naked to the Core l/s
    Bonus Beat l/g

    my hair's not yet done

    Here you go..

    Look #3
    Bell Bottom Blue

    Products Used:


    Eyes: all MAC unless specified
    Bare Study p/p
    Bell Bottom Blue p/m (applied wet w/ Fix +)
    Brown Script e/s
    Bateau e/s
    Carbon e/s
    Ricepaper e/s
    Sea & Sky MES (solid side; applied only on lower lashline)
    Graphblack technakohl
    Colorstay l/l
    Colossal mascara

    Too-Faced Sun Bunny
    MAC Eversun BPB
    MAC Pearl CCB


    Pictures were taken at the end of the day so no lippies anymore..Also, sorry for the oil

    Look #4
    Sweet Sienna
    I am soooo loving pigments right now. When the bf comes back I am taking a trip down to the MAC store to pick up a few more..i love pigments. PERIOD!

    This was done awhile back, just never got to post it 'til now.

    Maybelline Mineral Liquid Foundie
    MAC Select Moisturecover
    MAC MSFN Medium Dark

    Too-Faced Sun Bunny (my fave bronzer, obviously)
    MAC True Romantic BPB

    Eyes: all MAC unless specified
    Bare Study p/p
    Sweet Sienna p/m (dry)
    Brown Script e/s
    Carbon e/s
    Shroom e/s
    Graphblack t/k
    Too-Faced Lash Injection
    HIP black liner

    Lips: MAC
    Buoy o Buoy
    Comet Blue d/g

    ..and yes, i burned myself with a curling

    USING MICABELLA mineral eye shadows
    These eyeshadows are seriously pigmented, it's crazy!..These FOTDs are dedicated to Bar, former owner of Micabella in Arizona.

    No full face shots for these..

    These EOTDs were done a looooooooong time i might have already forgotten a few of the products used..sorry.

    Look #1
    Micabella Freeze s/p (shimmer powder) *bright blue*
    MAC Climate Blue e/s
    I forgot what i used for highlight

    Look #2
    Rainbow Bright..I think the blending on this one kinda was a fun look though, i enjoyed wearing it to WORK..

    products used: all Micabella unless noted
    Allowance s/p (yellow)
    Lucky s/p (lime green)
    Brilliance s/p (orange)
    Freeze s/p (blue)
    Resonance s/p (fuschia)
    MAC Climate Blue (outer lower lashline)

    Look #3 Fafi Eyes 2 inspired
    Micabella Lucky s/p
    Micabella Brilliance s/p
    MAC Prankster? e/s (dark blue from Fafi Eyes 2)
    MAC Vanilla p/m

    Good Night!

    May we all have a good week ahead of us..



    Lily said...

    aww yay that is good news! i'm glad he's not going to iraq! lol

    Amina said...

    i am so happy for you too!
    i was afraid they might send him to Iraq....

    loove the fotds!!
    your hair is so pretty!!

    Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

    gorgeous! as always sissss. :D i believe someone did the research because they were only able to get the green version as well and i think the only difference is that sulphur is the first ingredient on the green one instead of like the 6th or 7th ingredient like in the pink one. i don't think that's a bad thing though because sulphur helps with blemishes/pimples! :)

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    yay i'm so happy for you! and the fotds are fab, especially the bright yellow and green:)

    eunice said...

    Hi Mandi! I am such a newbee here! I have a question, I am a MAC user too, but I only use Mac powder for my face, can you enlighten me on the functions of each mac product you used for your face? and how to use it too. I want to buy them, but I wanna know if I will use it often. Many thanks!!!

    ladystarr said...

    I really like the neutral look with the teal liner! I'll have to try that wet and wild liner=) The other fotds are all pretty as usual!

    tokyostargirl said...

    love the bangs!! and of course your eyeshadow looks great, too! =)

    Mae said...

    i want your tan. i love all your fotds! linking you btw!

    Vanessa <3 said...

    yay for your bf! hey!! i live in texas maybe when you visit hit we can hit up mac! yea !!!! haha omg girl i love your fukin looks!!! you make me mad cuz i wanna do mine like yours! and you have pharoh!!! my brat bf broke mine!!! ive been trying sooo hard to look for one i have so many but nope they dont compare lol