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    Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    July Haul

    First off, thank you ladies for your comments regarding the news of my boyfriend's deployment. It's so hard and i still get emotional every night, just the thought of being away from him for that long scares the SH*T out of me. But for now, we're just spending as much time together as we can. But like you ladies said, i know we'll get through this.

    So i have also mentioned in my previous post that i have DRASTICALLY*at least that's how i feel* cut down my make-up spending. I just can't justify spending $200-$300 on one collection every 2 weeks..That was only when i was still a newbie at MAC, and felt like i had a lot of catching up to do. But 101 eye shadows, i don't think i'm still a MAC's my tiny July haul..Most of the MAC lippies were courtesy of the boyfriend..He comes home one morning from work (he works nights) and i open my fridge and find MAC items, i was soooo surprised!

    I also had to buy a darker shade of my Mineralize Satinfinish. From NC 37, i'm now NC 42..:)..*love it, i want to be darker though!*

    Tea Time is ♥

    then my non MAC haul
    i got the Lashes at a hole in the wall beauty supply store near the Asian store. Then the Smashbox shadows at Nordstrom Rack. I actually went back and got 2 more, just didn't take a picture of 'em. But these were a steal since these are regularly $16 i got them for $6.97 each!
    I also bought Great Lash WATERPROOF since I've read in a lot people's blogs that Waterproof formula holds curl, and it really does, i just don't like how drying it feels like on my lashes so i don't use it anymore..


    That's it..I know. I've been really good..I don't think i'm even interested in any of the Starflash shadows, haven't check them out though, but they all look like colors that i already have. Plus, i put myself on a slight "no-buy" this week..No clothes, shoes and NO MAC at all! Wish me luck..

    I still have a bunch of FOTDs to post..But that will have to wait, hopefully our internet gets fixed by tomorrow..



    MakeupByRenRen said...

    awww that's so cute how we leaves you presents in the fridge, he he. i'm NC42 too! we're twins :) though I might be a little darker now cuz my foundation doesn't seem to match anymore, lol

    you got some good stuff! i love ardell lashes...they're the bomb!

    Amina said...

    great haul!
    that was so sweet to find make up in the fridge...aaw..
    like you, i am more selective now..after all, how many variations of plum do i need?lol...
    especially since MAC is releasing products nonstop!

    i am not getting anything from starfish.I am still recovering from neo-sci fi

    Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

    damn girl, i wish my boyfriend would leave me makeup in my fridge. hahaha. btw... i SO wish i had your makeup budget because from this MAC haul alone your budget totally exceeds mine. haha. actually i have no budget until i find a J-O-B. hahaha.

    *budget makeup said...

    i loveee your makeup so cutee

    Lily said...

    great haul! i've been trying to stay away from the explosion of recent collections lol

    ladynpink said...

    awesome haul...wished I was able to get some smashbox shadows that cheapp

    u have an awesome boyfriend..he's a keeper!!

    May Nguyen said...

    You have such beautiful skin

    An Indian's makeup musings said...

    You look fabulous in the pic with the gray shirt! Bangs suit you very well!! I wish I could wear bangs like that :(