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    Tuesday, July 1, 2008

    Been Gone For A Minute..

    No..more like 2's been so hectic, work-wise as well as my social life..

    I just thought i'd do an update of what's been happening these past couple of weeks..FOTDs included, i just might not be able to remember all the products used, but i'll try!

    BEWARE: Uber-long post!

    Last weekend was a blast, we hung out with our friends and chilled the whole weekend..We had a bbq/pool party at our new place..Food and Swimming's always fun!..The rest of that weekend was just Rock Band and more swimming, but at our friend's place instead..God, i love Rock (my friends and i) all chipped in to buy Rock Band and an extra guitar..Mind you, most of us are in our 20' that's how we roll!..

    here are pics from our pool party

    It was so hot our sliced cheese melted into one whole blabber of cheese..Of course, me and my ugly no make-up self..

    The bf and I

    Need to lose weight, seriously!

    My boys

    The crew

    And another one of bf and i

    Here's a short video of us playing "Enter Sandman" *sorry for the constant switch of the camera view*

    Vocals: Rocky
    Lead Guitar: Romeo
    Bass: Mae
    Drums: Yours Truly

    ***i am so bummed right now, my fabulous dog just knocked down my tv tray where my laptop sits, of course lappy fell face down, and it bent the hell out of my USB for my mouse..GRR!

    Ok so on to the FOTDs
    which by the way is taking me forever to upload and edit..i seriously need a secretary, then everything would be so much'd be posting every i miss the Philippines, where we had maids who did everything for me..

    enough of the rambling, on to the FOTDs forrealss!

    Old Gold FOTD

    I got this pigment during the 15% off at MAC..that was a good deal..*i'll post a picture of that haul too*..i used this a few days after i got it..i opened the jar, only to find out that almost 50% of the product's gone..i was like WTF seriously..i've thrown the box away already..BUMMER!

    Maybelline Foundation
    MAC Select Moisturecover
    MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark

    Too-Faced Sun Bunny
    MAC Eversun BPB
    MAC New Vegas MSF

    Eyes: all MAC unless specified
    Bare Study p/p
    Old Gold p/m
    Club e/s
    Handwritten e/s
    I forgot the higlight color, but it's probably Ricepaper
    Graphblack Technakohl
    Lingering Brow Pencil
    HIP liner in black
    Too-Faced Lash Injection

    I forgot, but it looks like MAC's Bateaux Lustreglass

    My Outfit that day..Gaaah, were those wedges high!

    Pink Bronze

    Eyes: all MAC unless specified
    Soft Ochre p/p
    Pink Bronze p/m
    Brown Script e/s
    Handwritten e/s
    Vanilla p/m
    Graphblack Technakohl
    Too-Faced Lash Injection

    Too-Faced Sun Bunny
    MAC Spaced Out Blush
    MAC New Vegas MSF

    MAC High 90's s/s
    MAC Sock Hop l/g
    MAC Steppin Out d/g

    Sorry for the blurry pic

    Cool Heat
    ok so i hauled a lil bit of Cool Heat which sucked because i did it before i received the 15% off coupon for MAC..another grr..

    Eyes: MAC
    Soft Ochre p/p
    Rollickin p/p
    Cool Heat e/s
    Brown Script e/s
    Handwritten e/s
    Ricepaper e/s
    Smooth Blue Technakohl
    Graphblack Technakohl
    Lingering Brow Pencil
    Too-Faced Lash Injection
    HIP Liner in black

    Too-Faced Sun Bunny
    MAC Warmed MSF
    MAC New Vegas MSF

    Lips: MAC
    Not So Innocent l/s
    Sugar Trance l/g

    Lovely Lily and Climate Blue (which is btw, a violet, a gorgeous one)

    Eyes: all MAC unless specified
    Soft Ochre p/p
    Lovely Lily p/m
    Fertile e/s
    Climate Blue e/s
    Carbon e/s
    Shore Leave e/s
    Graphblack Technakohl
    Lingering Brow Pencil
    Micabella Shout mineral e/s
    HIP liner in Black
    Too-Face LI

    Too-Faced Sun Bunny
    MAC True Romantic BPB

    Buoy o Buoy l/s
    Comet Blue d/g

    ..i don't know

    That's it..

    Then my Cool Heat and 15% off sale haul.. not was like $260..$100 for Cool Heat then another $160 for the sale haul..with the discount i felt like i was saving money..well..not

    Let me brag *lol* my growing MAC brush collection

    Then my other brushes from different brands like Sonia Kashuk, Essence of Beauty, Michael's and STudio Tools..

    i got my nails done too, a couple of weeks's 3D glitter inspired..this is just my 2nd time ever getting acrylics, i hated the first time which was like a year ago, but i am definitely loving this one..i guess it's just a matter of where you get it done, if they're good or not..2 weeks and they're still intact!'s good to know that my $40 has not gone to waste!

    ..but oh my, is it hard to type with them!

    WHEW..Long, Rambling, Pic Heavy post, wasn't it?



    nywele said...

    girl, you look great!
    don't lose any weight...


    i agree nywele, your hawt!
    and i love how you rock out!!

    yummy411 said...

    it was not that long lol.. great update and pics.. i'm almost 30 and i love rock band! i'm glad i waited on buying it as now there's rock band for wii!! best of both worlds. i wanted to spend my bday with drinks and rock band.. so you are not silly.. it's all fun!

    Lily said...

    i am totally loving your nails!!!!! i can never find a silver glitter that comes out like that!

    iamgrape1119 said...

    Girl you look GORGEOUS! HOT, HOTTIE, HOT! *fans self* You don't didn't lose 1 lb! You look fabulous! I love your FOTDS!

    Katy said...

    Beautiful FOTDs! and I love your haul! I went to MAC with the 15% off coupon too except for once, I didn't feel like buying anything so ended up only getting like 3e/s for myself! Boo.

    Emilee @ GMM said...

    Love your FOTDs! You should try Old Gold over a black base - it brings out the green so much more.

    Roxy said...

    i love that gold look you did =] where did you get your brush roll for your MAC brushes cause i can't find a big enough roll anywhere!

    An Indian's makeup musings said...

    I LOVE the look with PInk Bronze!! Looks sooooooo good on ya. The cool heat colors are awesome too...I love what you have done there.Great job girl! Cant wait to see more !

    Anna said...

    i love how fresh your makeup looks


    i linked you! hope that okay :)

    Vanessa said...

    Nice pics and awesome haul! I am also loving those looks on you! And I have those same shoes from WetSeal! LOL

    christy. said...

    You don't need to lose weight shaddapppp -_____- I need to. -_- I ate 3 pizzas and I don't know how many buffalo wings today ...... T_____T

    All your looks are gorgeous. Perfect for summer and they really match with your golden tan :)