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    Wednesday, July 9, 2008

    Mabuhay!'s a greeting in Filipino/ literally means "be alive", which i need to do with blogging..

    No FOTDs yet, been wearing "repeats" so no point in posting them.

    Tomorrow's a big day for all of us MAC fiends..anyone?..three words, Mineralize, Mineralize and Mineralize..So have you decided on what to get?..Well, i won't go too crazy especially now that my hours (at work) have been cut, SUCKS!..So i'm only planning to get New View in my shade, i think it would be great for the make-up kit..then a couple of Sonic Chic MSFs..Oh Lord please don't let all of then be gorgeous to my eyes, for they will be ugly to my pocket!..Now with the MES (Mineralize Eye Shadows), i don't know, i'm not very psyched about paying $17.50 for shadows that look really pretty in the pot but has shitty color pay-off..i have 2 (Mi' Lady and Family Silver) that i NEVER use..So i'll probably pass on those..

    Ok i guess this is rambling too much..Sorry girls for the boring post..:(

    P.S. Does anybody know why Gail/Gezebel deleted her blog?..I miss her, i'm still bummed about her leaving the blogosphere..hmm?



    haha i know how you feel!
    but they are so pretty! how can you resist!

    Amina said...

    Mabuhay girlfriend :)

    I cannot keep up with MAC releases!! I am moving out so my money is tight...
    but i'd be looking at swatches...
    in my wishlist i want play on plums and love thing blush:)

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    i think i might go either today after work or tomorrow during lunch to check out the new collection..for some reason i'm not that psyched either...i'm most interested in the msf blushes, but we'll see!

    Roxy said...

    What part of Phoenix do you live in? My friends used to live in Glendale but they moved to the actual Phoenix area. Is there a MAC Pro store up there?! We have like one MAC store I have to drive like 30 minutes to get there so I usually just buy from the counter at Dillards but I hate how they don't have the pan eyeshadows or palettes!

    loveshara said...

    (g) is now at

    and your fotd are so cute. . makes me want to get more mac stuff but i know i really shouldn't.