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    Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    I'm Back in the Game

    What a relief it is that I am finally done with fixing our new's a big WHEW!..I did like 75% of the "fixing" since i wanted to be the one to decide what goes where. I've also adjusted to my sorta new job so i have more time blogging..I actually did my previous entry before i got ready for work..I surprisingly cut down my "getting ready" time which is really good, plus my work is not even 2 minutes away from our place which is even better..*sigh* i am so relieved!..

    Naughty Nautical Look..again!
    i know this is like so 3 collections ago, but i wanted to match my shirt and the blues from NN seemed to fit..Mutiny looked more like a silver blue than sky blue since it was applied dry..i love it, i think it's very versatile!..

    Maybelline Mineral Liquid Foundation (name's so long every time i type it)
    MAC Select Moisturecover
    MAC MSF Natural
    MAC Loose Blot Powder

    Eyes: all MAC unless specified
    Bare Study p/p
    Mutiny p/m
    Bell Bottom Blue p/m
    Lark About p/m
    Submarine e/s
    Carbon e/s
    Vellum e/s
    Smoothblue Technakohl
    Graphblack Technakohl
    Lingering Brow Pencil
    Too-Faced Lash Injection
    HIP black liner

    Too-faced Sun bunny
    I forgot the blush I used
    MAC Pearl CCB

    Lips: MAC
    Beurre cremestick liner
    Buoy o Buoy (oh boy, do i love this one, i heart Lustres)
    Comet Blue d/g

    my face looks

    Btw, Christy, i haven't tanned yet but since it's so damn hot here in Arizona, i am getting dark unintentionally..i'll probably tan this weekend, so i'll be darker..

    I'm sure you gals took advantage of MAC's once in a blue moon sale, i know i did..i'll do that on my next post..

    My Baby..

    Look at my poor doesn't look like she's enjoying swimming..

    But then here, she looks like she's chillin..

    My baby's so big now, almost 7 months!

    ok, that's it for now, photobucket's being a

    Good Night!



    MakeupByRenRen said...

    yay welcome back...i'm glad that you're all took me a few weeks to get back in the game too...i love this look on you...the blending is fab, it looks soft and pretty :) and your puppy is so cute in the pic where he looks scared, he he

    melai said...

    you made up for your time away...i miss your tuna and cream of mushroom recipe...

    Katrina said...

    Hahaha your pool looks pretty! I'm jealous.

    (g)ezebel said...

    that's a beautiful NN look on you!!! i'm definitely gonna copy cat. speaking of pets, your doggy is soooo cute!!!

    melai said...

    you don't have seafood city there? i'll send you some once i get to go to the store. there's one near my work and one in eaglerock but i rarely go there...when are you coming to l.a.?



    Emilee @ GMM said...

    Awww, what a cute puppy!