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    Sunday, April 20, 2008

    Heatherette Tutorial (pic heavy)

    i did this awhile back, but only posted it on since i've been gone for like forever, i figured i needed Copy/Paste's

    Products Used: all MAC unless otherwise stated
    Mineralize Satinfinish NC 37
    Studo Finish Concealer NW 30
    Blot/loose powder in Medium Dark
    Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer

    Bare Study p/p
    Other Worldy p/p
    Heatherette Trio 1
    ::Mood Ring
    Pink Pearl pigment
    Dual Edge Pencil
    ::Pop BLue
    ::Black Funk
    L'oreal HIP liner in black
    Maybelline Define-A-Lash black
    NYX Suede e/s (brows)

    Accentuate/Sculpt (contour)
    True Romantic BPB
    Shell Pearl BP

    Lollipop Lovin' l/s
    Bonus Beat l/g

    Let's get started..

    Start with a clean, moisturized face, as always..

    Conceal dark under eye circles (i blend Maybelline and MAC together with MAC 194 brush)

    Now, apply your foundation with MAC 187 in stippling motions, then light buffing to get rid of streaks

    Foundation and Concealer-DONE! (i didn't set with powder yet, i want my foundation to remain malleable until i'm almost done with the eyes)

    i applied Bare Study p/p all over the lid (i used MAC 252)

    Then i applied Other Worldly p/p on lower half of the lid as base for mood ring e/s with Studio Tools concealer brush (this will help intensify mood ring e/s)

    i then applied mood ring e/s over Other Worldly p/p with a MAC 239 brush

    it should look like this..

    then with a MAC 219 pencil brush, i applied Cloudburst in the outer v and in the crease half way..

    'un'blended, it looks like this..

    Now blend and soften harsh lines with a MAC 224 blending brush

    it should look like this so far..

    Now take another blending/crease brush, sweep Pink Pearl pigment onto the crease, blend with cloudburst, this will also help soften cloudburst more

    like this..

    Now apply Hoppin' e/s with a 239 brush (sorry for the blurry pic)

    i now fill in my brows with NYX Suede e/s using a Sephora #10 brush

    then i lined my upper lash line with L'oreal HIP cream liner in black using MAC 208 angled brush

    before i proceed further with lining my bottom lash line, i set my foundation with blot/loose powder using a MAC 150 powder brush

    then now i proceed with lining my bottom lash line with soft sparkle pencil in pop blue (this will act as base for pink pearl pigment)

    with a pencil brush i applied pink pearl pigment on top of pop blue pencil (blended, it looks more purple than pink)

    i then lined my waterline with Black Funk pencil (uber soft and creamy)

    I curled my lashes with Shu Uemura lash curler then applied Plushlash in Plushblack

    This is how it look so far..

    let's move on to the rest of the face..

    i applied True Romantic BPB using a MAC 138 brush=LOVE!

    i then contoured my cheeks with Sculpt powder using MAC 168 angled contour brush

    Now the lips..

    i applied Lollipop Lovin'

    then Bonus Beat l/g for extra shine

    DONE!!..Cam-whore away..

    i think squishy faces are very

    when in doubt, pout!..

    and then cheeze it!

    I hope this makes up for my long absence..i have another entry that i still have to finish..i'll probably be able to post it later tonight..i missed all of you!..



    MrsDiaz said...

    Oh I saw this when you posted it on Specktra! Love it! That trio seriously does wonders for people hehe.

    I used a MAC 239 to apply those Milani shadows and it seemed to pack on the color well.

    mrslanielovesmac said...

    Very pretty! Your picture tutorial was very smooth to follow too. Great job!

    (g)ezebel said... -- I REEEEALLY LOVE THIS LOOK..!! since i didn't get any heatherette *pouts*, i wonder if i can recreate this with colors i already have. hmmmm...