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    Sunday, April 20, 2008


    i couldn't think of a better title..i was going to put been MIA forever but it seems like most of the girls here have been busy too and have used that for their titles..see, i'm not the only one, am i?..So most of you would probably understand that, yes, there's more to life than just blogging..don't get me wrong though, i really love to blog, post FOTDs, hauls, and random venting outs and rants..It's just that this week, i've been really busy and super exhausted..Plus, the looks i've done recently are looks that i've posted here before, so no point, really..aye! mas ideas for looks to squeeze what's left of my creative juices, i did a haul last Saturday..

    Of course i went to the counter Leesha works at..She did my make-up using Heatherette stuff..i believe it's the same look she did a tutorial can youtube it..:)..She was super cool and nice..and i really had fun, the boyfriend even said he had fun too..So on to my haul and my FOTD courtesy of xsparkage

    FOTD/MAC make over c/o xsparkage

    Products Used: (all MAC of
    Mineralized Skinfinish Natural "Medium Dark"
    Select Moisturecover "NW 25"

    Heatherette Trio 1 (all 3 colors)
    Cassette e/s (Heatherette Trio 2)
    Carbon e/s
    Vellum e/s
    Blacktrack Fluidline
    Plushblack Plushlash
    Lingering brow pencil

    Feeling BPB

    Scanty s/s

    My loot:
    :Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark

    :Brown Script
    :Post Haste

    :Heatherette Trio 2
    :Select Moisturecover in NW 25
    :Viva Glam VI (Fergie)

    Ooh..i couldn't resist getting the Heatherette Trio addiction has won me over once again..The shiny pink packaging did it!..Also, I was thinking, since Fertile e/s (exact dupe of Cassette *dark purple*) is LE, might as well get a "back up"..

    Here's a comparison:

    and without flash

    Left is Fertile e/s from the Strange Hybrid collection and Right is Cassette from Heatherette Trio 2..but it really doesn't matter which is which 'cause they're EXACTLY the same..hmm..

    Oh and my final verdict on the Heatherette collection..a bit much, eh?
    in all its glory..

    the trios, pigments and glitters

    lipsticks and lipglasses

    the lonely beauty powder

    then the dual edge pencils

    Yesterday's FOTD:

    Products Used:
    Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation "Natural Beige"
    MAC Studio Finish concealer "NW 30"
    Maybelline Mineral Power concealer
    MAC Blot/Loose Powder "Medium Dark"
    MAC Prep&Prime Face

    Eyes: all MAC unless stated otherwise
    Soft Ochre p/p
    Perky p/p
    Pink Pearl p/m (FOILED)
    Coppering e/s
    Handwritten e/s
    Shroom e/s
    Nylon e/s
    Plushlash "Plushblack"
    Clinique Lash Building Primer
    Nyx Suede e/s (brows)
    HIP liner "black"

    Sweetness BPB
    S&S Powder "Accentuate/Sculpt

    Lips: all MAC
    High Top l/s
    Sugar Trance l/g
    Pink Pearl p/m

    i cut my bangs..teehee..sorry if it blocked the eyes..this picture shows what pink pearl pigment as lip color though

    sorry again for the bangs..

    ok the next 2 pictures were taken about 7-8 hours later..this is to show how much of a difference foiling pigments are..staying power is A-mazing, color was still as vibrant as it was first applied..and no crease too mommy!

    lol..and the bangs again..can you tell i'm tired already..

    Whew!..that was uber long post..need to update more often so i don't end up with long ass entries..hehe..

    anywho..gotta hit the hay!..

    Good Night Ladies!



    nywele said...

    the FOTDS are both very beautiful! Coppering is also one of my favorite eyeshadow! I love the bangs by the way:)

    yummy411 said...

    you are so lucky to be able to have your face done by xsparkage!

    i like both of your versions of the look... what a haul!

    i'm really feeling pink pearl pigment on its own! thanks for sharing!

    Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

    gorgeous fotd's as usual. :) i love the bangs on you too. :D

    Vanessa said...

    Aww you look so cute! I feel you on there's more to life than just blogging, now with the new bunny, the more I just wanna spend time with it! HAHA I am sure our BF's dread how long we take to get ready!

    MrsDiaz said...

    Hey Girly,
    I just used good ol' homemade mixing medium to apply those shadows.

    Ohh more FOTDS so pretty. I so hEART the Heatherette stuff!

    ladystarr said...

    love it..esp the pinkish brown look. sexy bangs!

    (g)ezebel said...

    *drools at heatherette haul*

    love the FOTDs..! very cool that xsparkage did your heatherette look.

    justme said...

    i have fertile and i didnt even notice that until you made that comparison because i have that trio also

    Emilee @ GMM said...

    You look absolutely gorgeous! Your FOTDs are always amazing to look at. :)

    nywele said...

    i miss your FOTDS:(