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    Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    McQueen Eyes

    SUNS lost again..BUMMER!..

    I got bored after watching the game, and since i don't work until 12 tomorrow and i had quite a long nap this afternoon i figured i can afford to stay up late and play with make-up..I busted out my McQueen stuff and started "painting" face, that is!
    Ooh..i just love the paintpots this collection came out with..they are super pigmented, you can definitely wear by themselves..and it's always nice to take a break from using shimmery paint pots..i wish MAC comes out with more p/p's like these..

    Products Used:

    Maybelline Mineral Liquid Foundation "Natural Beige"
    Maybelline Mineral Liquid concealer (way too light on me now..poo)
    Nichido Loose Powder "So Natural"

    Eyes: all MAC unless noted
    Pharaoh p/p
    Other Worldly p/p
    Electro Sky p/p
    Pagan e/s
    Haunting e/s
    Nile e/s
    Ricepaper e/s
    Black Funk eye pencil
    HIP Paint "Secretive"
    Maybelline Liquid Liner
    Covergirl Lashblast
    Random Brown Black pencil (brows)

    Cheeks: MAC
    Maidenchant Cream Blush
    Lune Cream Blush

    Lips: MAC (i'm not sure if these match the look, oh well)
    Fun N Sexy
    Totally It

    i cam-whored a lil bit..sorry!

    without flash

    i was going for a dewy look, i don't know if it worked though..sometimes i can't tell dewy from me know what you think! ;)
    *yep, i definitely need to buy a darker shade foundation and concealer*

    last one, i promise!


    Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

    very pretty! as usual. i think that my first ever MAC purchase will be a paint pot... probably in soft ochre. i hear so many great things about it as a base... i definitely have to try it. :)

    Emilee @ GMM said...

    I love your liner in these! Tutorial? :)

    I'm sad I missed out on the paint pots from McQueen. :( I didn't pay any attention to them until I found that they were easier to blend than UDPP. I had to drive all the way into LA to get my Fafi paint pots!

    nywele said...

    very beautiful!!! by the way you've been tagged for another game.

    yummy411 said...

    hey lady... i got the mcqueen paint pots late as i'm in love with them now. i've been thinking of some way to use them in a unique way. u did a great job! thanks for sharing...

    i agree, can we get a tut on that winged liner?!

    mrslanielovesmac said...

    Very pretty! The looks stand out very well and very bold too. Love it!

    Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

    wow, u know your stuff, i didnt know it was that much to know , but then again i am a man. have a great weekend and hope u dont mind me leaving a comment

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    gorgeoussssss, love how the colors came out so vibrant!

    nywele said...

    hey....are you getting anything from Naughty Nauticals?


    Lovely! I know you like your neutrals but you pull off the brights so well <3

    (g)ezebel said...

    i love these colors together; very pretty! i'm definitely gonna copycat.

    nywele said...

    you've been tagged for another game. It is really fun :)

    Dominican Enigma said...

    very pretty!!