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    Sunday, April 6, 2008

    Been gone for too long..

    at least that's how i feel..I haven't been in a blogging mood lately..My FOTDs have been sitting in my camera for quite awhile now..But, since there's nothing to do *the boyfriend and i are just watching White Chicks for the nth time*, i figured i might as well post them now before i get swamped with too many and get too lazy to..So here they are..

    I've been having fun wearing colorful looks lately..Just enjoying the perfect weather (trying not to think that in a few weeks, temperatures will go up to around 110C-115C)..I'm actually running dry on ideas, color combos to do..meaning, i need to haul pretty soon just to kick off my creative juices again..yada yada'm babbling..Let's just move on with the pictures..

    i forgot which days' are in random order..

    Look #1

    FACE: would probably be the same in all of the following FOTDs
    Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation "Natural Beige" mixed with
    Aveeno SPF 15 Moisturizer
    Maybelline Mineral Concealer *i always forget to check what shade*
    MAC Studio Finish Concealer "NW 30"
    MAC Blot/Loose Powder "Medium Dark"

    Bare Study p/p
    Pharaoh p/p
    Corn s/s
    Gold Mine e/s
    Bio Green pro e/s
    Golden Olive p/g
    Humid e/s
    Rose Blanc e/s (my new HG highlight e/s)
    Technakohl "Graphblack"
    NYX Suede e/s (brows, always)
    L'oreal HIP creamliner "black"
    Clinique Lash Building Primer
    Maybelline Great Lash mascara *i'm kicking it old school*

    Cheeks: MAC
    Eversun BPB
    Warmed MSF

    Lollipop Lovin'
    Sock Hop

    Look #2
    My FAFI FOTD that i never had a chance to post, coz of all the Heatherette did this like ages ago..i think i've worn this look 2 or 3 times already..

    FACE: same as above

    EYES: All MAC unless otherwise stated
    Bare Study p/p
    Pharaoh p/p
    FAFI eyes 2 (all four colors)
    ::You're Fresh
    ::Bold as Gold
    Technakohl "Graphblack"
    HIP liner "black"
    Maybelline Define-A-Lash
    Ardell Invisibands "Sweeties"

    Cheeks: i'm not sure but it's either,
    MAC Hipness blush or
    Milani Mai-Tai
    Belightful IPP

    Not So Innocent l/s
    Sugar Trance l/g

    the blue could have been blended more eh?..i was going for a sharp outer-v though..

    Look #3

    FACE- still the same

    Eyes: all MAC unless otherwise stated
    Corn s/s
    Other Worldly p/p
    Parrot e/s
    Flashtrack e/s
    Ricepaper e/s (i think)
    Technakohl "Graphblack"
    HIP cream liner "black"
    Maybelline Define-A-Lash

    Sorry no full face shots..

    Look #4

    Eyes: all MAC unless otherwise stated
    Soft Ochre p/p
    Pharaoh p/p
    Other Worldly p/p
    Chrome Yellow e/s
    Overgrown e/s
    Bio Green pro e/s
    Bluw Calm pro e/s
    Fab & Flashy e/s
    Rose Blacn e/s
    Stila Kohl Kajal "Topaz"
    HIP cream liner in Midnight Blue
    Clinique Lash Building Primer
    Maybelline Great Lash

    Joyous BPB
    Belightful IPP

    Lips: MAC
    Utterly Frivolous l/s
    Sock Hop l/g

    Just 'cause i like our outfit today..

    Look #5

    This is one looks like the Heatherette Trio 1 look i did recently..

    Eyes: all MAC unless stated otherwise
    Bare Study p/p
    Other Worldly p/p
    Aquadisiac e/s
    Parfait Amour e/s
    Pink Pearl p/g
    Fertile e/s
    Carbon e/s (just a lil bit)
    Hoppin' e/s (highlight)
    Soft Sparkle Pencil "Pop Blue"
    Technakohl "Graphblack"
    Maybelline Great Lash

    True Romantic BPB

    Fleshspot l/s
    Starlet Kiss l/g

    i look like a total dork here, pero mi nobyo es muy

    PHEWW!..That was a lot, i have 2 more, however, i forgot the stuff i used so..pointless..hehe..i should be updating this more, so it won't take me a long ass time to upload and edit the photos..aye!

    Good Night Ladies!..



    MrsDiaz said...

    Ohh I love the looks you posted. It's so much work to post up these entries! I dont know how you gals take such good pics of your eyes after you've dazzled them with shadows. It took me forever to take a freaking picture hehe.

    Miss your updates!

    Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

    all the looks are gorgeous. i love them! :) great color combos! :D skuh-illlz. :) hehe.

    nywele said...

    I love the looks! Can you do video tutorials because I will love to have half of your skills. My look is so simple and it seems difficult for me to step up my game..

    yummy411 said...

    so many fotd's yay! i love the fafi eyes 2, 4 +5... 4 looks like a hotter spin of an fotd i did! i love loreal hip liner in midnight blue. looks ultra fab on you!

    nywele said...

    I love your blog and the looks you create. I cannot even come close to that. I am also shy so I understand when you said that the video tutorials didn't work out..well too bad, i guess i have to learn to recreate your looks step by step :)

    ladystarr said...

    i love all of them!!! I did a similar green/gold one that I never posted, but urs looks soo much cleaner!

    Emilee @ GMM said...

    Yay, more FOTDs! :)

    I love all the color combos that you come up with. You should do a tutorial sometime. :)

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    oh pretty! you did a really good job on alllll of them, love the blending and bright colors! i second a tutorial!

    erin said...

    I love your fotd's but i would like to request that you post your pics with expandable views to a higher res. pic preferably 1600x1200 it would allow more of the detail to be seen. Thank you!

    mandilicious said...

    thanks ladies..picture tutorial? tried video before and i was too guess i'll have to give it another try!..

    (g)ezebel said...

    i really love all the EOTDs you posted. you make me wish i bought that heatherette trio. i didn't get a thing from the heatherette line. *pouts*

    mrslanielovesmac said...

    Oh god! I love all the looks. I can pick which one is best. They're all so beautiful!