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    Thursday, March 27, 2008


    EDIT: I guess i can't wear this look to the Studio Talk Class..I was informed earlier to wear less make-up..i think she almost asked not to wear make-up at all..

    Leesha or xsparkage on youtube did an awesome tutorial using products from the Heatherette collection..i gave it a try and this is what came out!! This is mos def my fave!..
    I think i've found the look to wear to the MAC Studio Talk class on Saturday!

    Products Used:

    NO FOUNDATION (imperfections alert!)
    Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer
    MAC Studio Finish NW 30
    Nichido Loose Powder in "So Natural"

    Eyes: all MAC unless otherwise stated
    Bare Study p/p
    Other Worldy p/p
    Heatherette Trio 1
    ::Mood Ring
    Pink Pearl pigment
    Dual Edge Pencil
    ::Pop BLue
    ::Black Funk
    L'oreal HIP liner in black
    Maybelline Define-A-Lash black
    NYX Suede e/s (brows)

    Sweetness (i think)

    Lips: (MAC)
    Lollipop Lovin'
    Bonus Beat

    I'm Hella Cheezin"

    one more for the cam-whore!

    What do ya'll think?

    Oh, Nwyele, here's a picture of Lollipop Lovin' + Sock Hop

    it's like almost nude..with a lil tinge of love love!

    Thanks for looking!




    Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

    oOo this is really pretty! i really like this! :D you look gorgeous. :D

    Anne said...

    i'm on a budget here girl!!!!! maaaaan everyone's getting the trio 2 as well :( makes me wanna get it now too. i'll probably end up with it sometime this week. gotta sleep on it some more. lol

    cute look!

    Leesha said...

    Looks hott girl! It was fun talking to you on Monday, you should come in again and we can play makeup. sorry if i seemed like i was rushing you or anything, i wasnt trying to! but yes, come in again :D

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    ohhh pretty! i love the aqua and pinkish purple colors together, great combo!

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    ohhh pretty! i love the aqua and pinkish purple colors together, great combo!

    mandilicious said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    mandilicious said...

    Christiana: Thanks!

    Anne: I know, I want to get it too..the only thing is i have the exact purple from that's called "fertile", it was limited too, i just don't know from which collection..and the pinks were easily dupable..BUT i still want to get it just to get it..then i want to get more lippies too..gaah, i hope they're not sold out of it yet..let me know if you're getting Trio 1..if you get it then i'm getting it too..haha..i'm inggitera!

    Leesha: thanks for dropping by..and yea, it was soo much fun talking to you..i'm still putting my list of things to buy together so i can go there and we can play!..i'm excited though!

    and oh weren't rushing me at all..i felt like i was taking too much of your time..sorry!..

    but i'll def. see you again soon!

    Ren: You should try it..the pink pearl pigment made it so easy to blend..goof proof , i tell ya!

    ladystarr said...

    so pretty! I can't wait to do my look! great job with the blending and all

    Seymone said...

    I love the look..

    Vanessa said...

    Love the look! I did something similar without seeing this first haha but I used SheSpace look beautiful!

    (g)ezebel said...

    wow!!! i loooove the heatherette trio look. you did a fantastic job. i loooove it!!!


    cute look! i did s look like these a while back & i must admit it is a great color combo.

    Mrs. Lynne, said...

    this is really REALLY pretty girl!! you did a great job! beautiful as always.

    btw, did you check my response on the paint pot question you had? i hope it was somewhat helpful, lol :)

    have a great weekend girl!


    Girl you should do a video or picture tut on this because it is the bomb! They don't want you wearing makeup to the studio class cause you might out shine the artist girl! LOL!

    Emilee @ GMM said...

    Very colorful! :) How was your class?

    mandilicious said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    mandilicious said...

    asy starr: Thanks! wasn't even hard, pink pearl made it so easy to blend..

    mrs. lynne: i read it!..i thought i posted another comment on that..but anyhoo, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions..:)

    seymone, gale and lady starr: thank you so much!..

    emilee: thanks, the class was okay..nothing special really..i mean nothing that i wouldn't learn off youtube or just went for the experience, it's "techinically" free anyways..

    shawnta: lol..i went with 100% nude face..and i wish i didn't since none of the artists applied anything on me..

    MrsDiaz said...

    Oh this is such a pretty look on you..definitely gives me more inspiration to try out more looks with my Heathrette haul

    soFresh & soPink said...

    OOhh .. very pretty! The colors look great on you.

    nywele said...

    Hello :)
    There is another tag game going one.You've been tagged :)