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    Thursday, February 21, 2008


    EDIT: Since i was aking for your ladies' advices on what else i should get, i feel that it is just necessary that i post what i already have:

    Fafi Eyes 1
    Fafi Eyes 2
    Hipness Blush
    Fashion frenzy blush
    Sassed-up Iridescent Pressed Powder
    Nice Vice p/p (which is already sold out in the website)
    Cash Flow p/p
    Rollickin' p/p
    Perky p/p
    Not so Innocent l/s
    Sugar Trance l/g
    Cult Face l/g
    Fafi Make-up bag

    i am definitely be hauling more Fafi on Sunday. I've been contemplating--lol these past few days whether i should get more or not, and the verdict is in..i should and i will..hehe..i was thinking since i have most of it, why not get the rest of the collection right?..c'mon mac whores, i know you're with me on this! passed up on most of the lippies last time, i only got 2 lipglasses, Cult Fave and Sugar Trance since these were the 2 colors i think i can pull off the best, but i will definitely get Totally It..and of course, Squeeze It, why not right?..then with the lipsticks, i 'm also planning to get Fun N Sexy, since it's SOLD OUT on their site, it must be really nice right?..that goes with Strawbaby as well..i don't know with Utterly Frivolous, Flash N Dash and High Top, judgement will be given after i swatch them in the store..hmm..Then, after watching Pursebuzz's review on the collection, i will definitely get the 2 other iridescent pressed powders i didn't get, Verve-A-cious and Belightful..and lastly, the two other dolls..$18 more won't hurt me..hmm..might even get the Nail Lacquers too..then that's it!..i don't know with the scarf, if i can think of a use for it, then maybe..but tying it around my head is definitely not an option, nor around my neck--NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!..

    So ladies, any thoughts?..which of the Fafi stuff do you think i shouldn't pass up on? what are your faves?..which ones are you really happy to have?..

    MandiLicious-the MAC-whore


    mayaari said...

    Nice Vice paint pot is really nice in that collection, and i'm actually contemplating about Cash Flow pp since i keep seeing it on everyone's blogs :)


    Girl you know I'm thinking about getting fashion frenzy even though it looked hideous in the store! Maybe the MA just put it on too to heavy....right ? LOL! I'm also eying Layin low paint pot.
    I love my fafi stuff and it is so crazy since I wasn't into it before it was released.

    mandilicious said...

    mayaari and shawnta, i got bothe of those already..what do you think about the lippies?

    Mrs. Lynne said...

    I'm a paint pot whore so I would definitely say the paint pots, but looks like you already have all the good ones.

    I think you should just grab the rest of the collection. The dolls too. Hopefully they'll be worth some dough like they say. I'm banking on putting my kids through college with those, lol!!

    (g)ezebel said...

    you MUST get the scarf and tie it around your head like a hairband. *winks* you are an enabler!! i have GOT to have Quad 1 now..!! and maybe i'll keep the Belightful powder i was gonna return. i have all the lippies and all the lip glosses. neener neener!