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    Sunday, February 17, 2008

    Nice Vice

    I mentioned in my other post that Nice Vice is already sold out in the website..i know, right?..that fast..i am just happy that i was able to grab it before they ran out!..But hold up, relax..i was browsing through and i saw Nice Vice and it didn't have the diamond sign which indicates that a product is only available for a limited i'm guessing it is permanent, but exclusive in Pro stores only..hmm..that doesn't worry me anymore, if EVER i ran out, i'll know where to go..Vegas!..yay!

    hmm..i will also try to create a look this week using my Fafi stuff..*sigh* i don't want them to be collecting dust in my traincase like what happened to my big Vegas many make-up so little time!..



    Girl on the way home from MAC I was like I should have got the Nice Vice so as soon as I went home I ordered it online. whewwww I'm glad my order went through. I noticed my store still had all the N collection while a lot of it is gone online but fafi had so much hype I didn't want to take a chance since the paintpots are the best things out of the line.

    (g)ezebel said...

    you could also check out nordstrom online, too. a lot of times, they have lots of LE items no longer on MAC's site, but they haven't sold all of it. the wierd thing is that if your order like 5 things, sometimes it'll come from 4 different nordstroms!! *shrugs*

    mandilicious said...

    thanks for the tip gezebel!