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    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    my baby turns 3 months old today!

    i know i have mentioned in my post way back that we were getting a dog..i actually feel bad that i haven't talked about her here, haven't even posted any pictures of this post is dedicated to our baby..

    HAPPY 3rd..uhm..well..MONTHSARY?

    She was born in November 21, 2007

    We got MICHIKO, (that's beauty in Japanese) when she was about 6 weeks, just big enough for her to be separated from her and the bf, guilty as charged for spoiling her, from COACH collar to toys, treats, the best not to mention, expensive dog food and of course her cute outfits..i will get her a bed soon..i think she's old enough to have her own bed..

    She is just the cutest..i won't exchange her for the world..even if that means i'd have to clean her pee and poop all the is also the sweetest, when i get home from work, she would be all over me, kissing - licking, cuddling and all the sweet stuff..i love her so much!..she may be a brat sometimes, but it's okay, the bf's more of the disciplinarian, and i am more of a spoiler, so everything balances out..hehe..Let me tell you, having a dog is like having a real baby, when i work and leave her by herself, i couldn't to go home and be with her..Last week, she fell in my friend's pool, i don't know how, but she did..and i just ran as fast as i could, and got her out..i just found tears in my eyes..i was so frrrreeakin worried!..i would spank her if she doesn't poop and pee on her pad, but after a second i'd be kissing her and saying sorry..i know, bad anyhoo, you get the idea..she is spoiled..hmm..and fat too..she is kinda big for 3 month-old puppy..she weighs about 9 without further ado i introduce you our baby..MICHIKO..

    this was around the 1st few days we got her..

    me *without make-up*..the "motherly" shot..

    my cutie patootie..

    the bf holding the baby while driving..uh..duhhh!

    with her Uncle Romeo..who always likes to mess with her..

    baby has to have her COACH too..

    And now she's all grown up..

    High Five!

    the only blue-eyed baby i'll ever have *the bf and i are both Filipinos*

    unlike mommy, she's no cam-whore..her paparazzi shot..

    too cute for words..

    Michi sleeping beside her bestfriend, my friend's dog Tiffany..

    Them playing

    isn't she the cutest?


    christianadivine said...

    awww! the puppy is TOOO cute. :D hehe. :]

    Mrs. Lynne said...

    AWwwwww!!! Happy birthday baby!(to your puppy in the puppy voice, hah). She is too cute girl. She is only a month younger than my son. They would be total best friends, hah.

    mayaari said...

    she is adorable! and the pink coach collar is too cute :)


    AWWWW she is so cute! Maybe she doesn't like the flash. Or maybe she is wondering what has mommy grown out of her head :)

    Emilee @ GMM said...

    OMG, she's adroable!!

    ✞ANGELA✞ said...

    puppy is so cute~~

    (g)ezebel said...

    oh. my. god. i loooooove pugs!!! soooo freakin' adorable. and that pink coach collar -- toooo cute..!

    i'm a cat person, never ever thought i'd love a dog, but now that i have one, i looooove my dog. we even have pet insurance for him. i HIGHLY recommend pet insurance (i use if you love your dog and would do just about anything to save her life. :0)


    how cute!!! rockin' the coach collar & everything!

    Xuanie said...

    OMG! your lil puppy is the cuties! i always wanted a lil pug just like that, but just to much resp. i dont think i have the time and energy. lol but soo cute!

    Vanessa said...

    OMG soOo cute! I want a puppy so bad but the BF says no because he'll end up taking care of it since I am never home... :(

    yummy411 said...

    omg i'm in love with your puppy!!! the greatest puppy love post!!!