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    Sunday, February 3, 2008

    Long Time No Post

    Sorry..i haven't had time to update my blog..But..

    i had time to haul know i said "no more until fafi" but we went to the mall (where they had a free standing store) for my mom's birthday..but relax ladies, this time i didn't spend over $100..i just picked me up a few eyeshadow refills, a lipglass and a pigment..that was it..again, i didn't bother taking pictures of my mini haul since it was just a few items. but here's a list of what i got:
    e/s refill pans:

    • club
    • chrome yellow (i might have this one exchanged because i don't actually know how to use
    • espresso
    pigment- Pink Bronze (super duper pretty color, looks like an intensified version of light flush MSF)

    Lipglass-Full on Lust (from The Originals)

    i wanted to get a charged water, but the bf hates it and doesn't get the point of paying $20 for water so, maybe next time..when i go without him..:)

    when i get more time later, i'll post my fotds from this weekend..but for now,

    i'm out!..loves ya'll




    (g)ezebel said...

    use yellow on inner corners of eyes and parrot e/s on outer (or any green).

    check the ingredients. is the charged water the same as Fix +? i'm with your BF; $20 for glorified water?!?!

    that's like that dumb rosebud salve i bought for $6.95 and all it is, is pretty-smelling pink vaseline. :0/