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    Monday, February 4, 2008

    Houston, we have a problem!

    Lately the boyfriend and i have been arguing about me taking so much time do get ready..Do you ladies have the same problem?..i usually take at least 2 hours to 2 1/2 to get ready just for work which is nothing fancy, really..That's 20 minutes to take a shower, an hour for make-up and about 30-40 minutes for hair (as i NEED to straighten it)..but if i am REALLY running late i usually tie it in a ponytail.. It's just putting on make-up that i can't seem to cut the time..*sigh*..and it's not even full-on smokey eye look or a look that consists of 6 eye shadow are just plain and simple neutral looks like what you see in my's so bad i even thought of just giving up on wearing make-up to work, and just wear it on weekends or special occassions which does not happen that would mean, me NOT BEING ABLE TO UPDATE MY BLOG! gaaaaah..nooooo! ladies out there who have the same problem as i do (even if not this bad) out a sister!..i need your recommendations, suggestions?

    On another note, we are coming closer and closer to the release day of Fafi..hmm..9 more days to go!..i don't think i'll be able to get it on the release day itself since i work late that day..I might have to wait until that Saturday..or if i get my lazy ass up early on Friday then i could squeeze it in before i go to work. however, i am really not too sure on what i will we're getting closer to the big day, i am getting less excited about it. i was planning to get both quads, all the paint pots except for maybe the powder blue one (since i already have the one from McQueen), both the blushes, a couple of the iridescent powders, a couple lipglasses, and maybe 1 or 2 doesn't sound a lot, does it MAC whores?..Rocky (the bf) even wants me to get the whole collection since i missed Barbie last year..but i don't know.. as i've read someone who've seen the swatches say that there aren't really anything special in this collection other than the cute packaging. and packaging isn't what we are going to wear right?..i don't know if this collection is worth spending $400 for, or if i should wait until Heatherette..hmm..what ya'll ladies think?..any thoughts?gaaah..i worry too

    Sorry if i bored you with a no fotds-long post..hehe..i just don't have my laptop with me to upload the pics here..anyway, i have to go to bed soon..i work @ 6 am tomorrow..

    Good Night, Gorgeous Ladies!..



    Emilee @ GMM said...

    I surprisingly don't take that long to get ready. It usually takes it about an hour to get everything ready. One time, I only had 1/2 hour...and we ended up being late, haha. I've noticed that the time I spend getting ready gets cut down a lot now that I'm more familiar with the routine (e.g. I know what I have to do to apply foundation and blush etc.). I send the most time on my eye makeup, but I usually plan what I'm going to do beforehand.


    i tend to take a while to get ready as well but instead of my BF complaining, I complain about him coz he takes twice as long as i do! yup, believe it or not. he's such a pretty boy. LOL.


    I take a minute to get ready too. I think when you work odd hours it makes you do stuff at a snails pace. When I wake up in the morning I just have to take my time with everything. To save time on days when I sleep too late I will skip the foundation and just apply translucent blot powder, or just line top and bottom lashline, mascara, blush and lip gloss.

    yummy411 said...

    i spend about 20+... 20mins for a work face, more if it's a special occassion. i'm learning to cut down as i get comfortable with one or two products as opposed to a full face of makeup. usually, i feel like if i do concealer then i need to do my eyes, if i do the eyes i have to do the brows .. on and on until i've done the whole face, but i'm learning.

    fafi isn't as exciting to me anymore. the packaging had me amped, but after seeing the color story.. pink, pink and more pink... MAC makes the same pinks and repackages them! i'm down for the beauty powders!!

    MakeupWithLakahna said...

    wow 2 hours? my hubby complains when i take like 1/2 to get ready.
    It depends on how tired I am that day. Some days i just go in with no make up at all. but I always make sure I make my eyebrows look good. other than that i dont care how i look. But I dont have to deal with people face to face so that's another factor.
    other days i'll feel like taking my time and will take 30 mins for foundation, concealer, e/s, l/g.
    hmm maybe you can cut down your time but showering at night and blowdrying it before you sleep.

    mandilicious said...

    hmm..mine's really that bad huh?..*sigh* i am actually going to get ready for nothing, just so i can time myself doing hair and we'll see what happens..hope i can cu it down to at least an hour an a half..

    thanks for your lovely comments!

    mandilicious said...
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    (g)ezebel said...

    sadly, it's not worth spending $400 on. $200 maybe... heehee

    2 hours sounds about right. 2 1/2 if you want things perfect. :0)

    Vanessa said...

    Yeah it takes me like an hour and a half to get ready...I wish it was faster!
    My BF also gets really mad since I "take forever", I mean he's a frikkin guy, they have NO hair, don't need makeup, it's like DUH. lol

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    hmmm maybe you should try taking a shower and doing your hair at night? that would cut your time in half...i dont wear makeup to work but usually I do more looks in the evenings and going out...this whole fafi debacle is kinda stressful huh? i want to get everythingggg but I don't want to be crazy and get things I wont use...I think i'm going to have to swatch everything first and make sure it shoes up on me before i get it...bcuz even though that hot pink lipstick is too cute...will i really wear it?