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    Sunday, February 10, 2008

    Heatherette Info

    EDIT: So i was browsing through then i read info about eBay seller diamond*stars (which i gave credit for the Heatherette photos posted on here). Apparently the products (Heatherette) that she was trying to sell on eBay were actually samples given to her at a press event to review on. OOPS..
    i actually checked back on her account and was surprised that she ended the auction for those products.

    I was still half asleep while i was doing my daily rounds this morning..Then i go to and boy was i awakened with Heatherette pictures..i SERIOUSLY gasped for air when i saw think from the time we girls knew about Heatherette, we've only seen this picture..

    SUCH A TEASER, right?..

    not until today that i've seen pictures of actual products..mind you, info and pictures, again were taken from and eBay seller diamond*tears..

    Pursebuzz hooked us up BIG TIME!

    Release date: March 27th

    Lipsticks: $14

    From Left to Right: Fleshpot, Lollipop Loving, Hollywood Nights, Lollipop Loving, Melrose Mood, Hollywood Nights

    Lipglass: $14

    LtoR: Bonus Beat, Style Minx, Starlet Kiss, Sock Hop, Bonus Beat, Sock Hop, Starlet Kiss

    Eyeshadow Trios: $32.50

    Trio 1- Mood Ring (VP) - Pastel mint green (LE)
    - Cloudburst (V) - True black w/subtle green pearlized pigments (Repromote from Blue Storm) (LE)
    - Hoppin’ (F)- Pastel peach (LE)

    Trio 2- Baby Petals (S) - Pastel pink (LE)
    - V.I.P. (V) - Mid-tone yellow pink LE)
    - Cassette - Blackened eggplant - (LE)

    Pigments and Glitters:

    Pigments: $19.50
    - Jardin Aires (F) - Gilded peach w/ silver reflection (LE - Repromote from Strange Hybrid)
    - Pink Pearl - Mid-tone pink w/ blue reflection (Pro)
    Glitters: $16.50
    - Reflects Gold - translucent glitter w/ gold reflection (Pro)
    - 3D Silver - Multi-reflective silver (Pro)

    Dual Edge Pencils:$16.50

    Black Funk/Pop Blue - True black/turquoise w/ silver glitter (LE)
    - Phone Me/Text Me - Charcoal grey/metallic silver w/ silver glitter (LE)
    - Nighthawk/Front Row - Coffee brown/neutral peach w/ gold glitter (LE)
    - Fab Orchid/Dash Lily - Jewel-tone purple/mid-tone lavender w/ silver glitter (LE)

    Beauty Powders:$22.50

    Left - Smooth Harmony - Medium golden bronze (LE - Repromote from Icon II: Diana Ross)
    Right- - Alpha Girl - Pink w/ gold nuances (LE)

    Nail Lacquer (not pictured): $10
    -Lola Devine (C) - Soft mid-tone coral (LE)
    - $$$$$ Yes (F) - Metallic silver foil (pronounced “Cash Yes”)

    Lashes (not pictured): $11
    - She’s Good - Similar to #7 (patent finish)
    - She’s Bad - Fishnet texture (patent finish)

    Carrying Case how many paychecks after Fafi and before Heatherette?..*whew*

    so what do you think about this color story?



    Those lippies look a lil too pink for my skin tone but I'm loving the piggies and some of the lipglosses don't look too bad.

    (g)ezebel said...

    hmm. my honest first reaction is disappointment. just like with Fafi, i'm a bit dismayed that the colors are just so-so. or maybe i just own too damn much makeup that there's really no color that i don't already have?? the packaging is super cute, tho. i won't be able to pass up the hot pink of heatherette. i think i'll only get a couple lip glosses and pigments, tho.

    Emilee @ GMM said...

    The collection looks hot! It's a bit on the gaudy side, but who doesn't love gaudy? lol. A bit too pink, but I probably won't get everything anyway.

    Mrs. Lynne said...

    Hiya Mandi! Thanks girl for taking the time to browse through my piece of the Internet. I'm glad you're finding it resourceful :)

    I hope you have a great week ahead of you. I'm sure since Fafi is almost out... dun, dun, dun, haha.

    Take care girl and I do hope to hear from you more often :)

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    hmmm i agree...i was expecting the eyeshadow to be bolder...i do like the mint green palette though, i can see that being pretty...i'll probably pass on the beauty powders b/c they look too light, and i'm not much of a pigment girl...i think i might pick up one or both trios, the bad girl lash...and 2-3 of the lippies depending if they look good on me or not. hopefully the hot pink lipstick isn't sheer like the one from fafi


    Happy Valentines Day!!!!

    nywele said...

    thank you for posting the pictures of heatherette. The colors look quite bright for me. I don't think i'll feel comfortable with all the pink...are you looking forward to buying a particular product in the collection?