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    Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    We won't stop 'cause we can't stop

    I did a mini MAC haul this past Sunday and also Today. I have that thinking that if I don't get everything in one trip (to the MAC store) then I am saving money, when truth is, i don't, i spend the same amount of money, or sometimes even more. gaaah..Anyhoo, N collection came out a few days ago, i wasn't really excited about this collection since it's just too plain for me, but that's the whole point of the collection right?..nude, natural, neutral. The eye shadows that came in this collection were, in my opinion, nothing special. I mean, for me, the reason why i always look forward to the new MAC collections is because they are different from what they have in their permanent line, but this one i feel was just like blah. oh well, it only means one thing, more money for Fafi and Heatherette, yeah? Being the MAC whore that i am, i still had to get a few stuff from this collection. I just have love for the MSF's, my first one was New Vegas which came out not too long ago, i know, i wish i was already in to MAC when the others came out, so now, i feel like i have some catching up to do, so i got both..At first i was only thinking of getting Light Flush, but when i actually saw them in the store, i just couldn't decide which one to get as they are both GORGEOUS, i asked the bf to decide for me, he told me to get both, so i did..hehe..And the last thing i got (from the N collection), which i just got today was Nano Gold eyeshadow. I was randomly watching videos on youtube and i came across P0WP0WBABY'S videos, and she had a review on the products she got from this collection, and she totally sold me on it. So, after work i immediately ran to the nearest MAC to get that eyeshadow. Today, i also got 2 pigments from The Originals Collection, steel blue and melon. I used to not like pigments because i think they're too expensive plus you won't ever get to finish the whole jar, but the bf insisted that i should start collecting them too, and who can resist more make-up, eh?..So yea, that's it, not too much, as i am really trying my best to save money for the upcoming collections.
    Oh, as for the non-MAC products, i went to Sephora last Sunday too to get the infamous Shu Uemura lash curler. I've been looking for a good one, and i've found it. I used to own a cheap one, from a drugstore and i just hated how it hurt my lids, so i would usually skip curling my lashes and jump right onto applying mascara. With the stuff i read and watch from people's blogs and tutorial vids, i have come to learn how much big of a difference it makes when you curl your lashes. A quick review or what i think about this product **as it doesn't need more raving about**i just love this eyelash curler, it doesn't pinch my lids, it doesn't hurt me at all. It may be a little bit pricey but i think it's well worth your money. The only thing i don't like about this one, is that they don't sell the pads/refill seperately, it comes with an extra one though. However, it is advised that you change the pads every 6 months, i guess i'd just have to buy another one after one year. as i've said, it is worth it..hmm..what else, i also got one more stack of the Charlotte Russe Minerals that i love so much, the purples, something different. I don't own a lot of purples 'cause i think it make my eyes look all bruised..hehe..but i'll try to post a look using those gorgeous colors, maybe later this week. I also got the new Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara, the reason, the hot pink bottle, but i actually ended up liking the product itself, it indeed does the job, so i'm happy. And lastly, i bought Maybelline's Mineral *Liquid* Concealer, i haven't actually used it yet, but i will let ya'll know how it goes once i do.

    Okay, so on with the pics:

    MAC haul

    ooh, i forgot to mention that i also got 2 pan refills, scene and shroom


    My Non-MAC Haul

    I just love the color of the bottle

    Charlotte Russe Minerals, the "purples" stack swatches:

    i was trying out my MAC Mineralize Eye shadows under my new Cream Color Base in Pearl, and it worked, i almost gave up on those shadows, they were just too sheer for me, but under CCB they're gorgeous