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    Monday, January 14, 2008

    it's never too late

    ..i know it is, but better late than never, right?

    My 2007..on a lighter note:

    1. MAC makes me pretty and poor.
    It was i think late September or early October when i got hooked in to MAC. I started learning more about it thru Pursebuzz and Stephie and before i knew it, i'm already addicted. I have spent (or should i say, the BF has, for he is the one who feeds my addiction) ridiculous amount of money on make-up especially MAC this year. I am so addicted it should be

    2. Fritos Honey BBQ Twists have become my favorite snack.
    I eat this everyday when i'm at work. It's like my daily dosage of energy, if it's coffee for many, it's honey bbq twists for me.

    3. Never ever do last minute Christmas shopping.
    It was just too crazy..i actually got sick because of this. 'nuff said.

    4. Vegas is crazy..
    ..especially on New Year's my last 2 entries, i mentioned that i spent New Year's in Vegas. we actually stayed there for 5 days. i know, a bit too long for some but it was the last couple of days that i actually had fun. we were all sick hence, we didn't get to do much stuff, but come NYE we were all better and we just had fun. also. let's not forget ladies..

    5. ..I just can't explain how happy i was to shop at The Pro Store and also the CCO. The Pro store just made me go crazy, i just said yes to almost everything the MA recommended..hehe..and the CCO, oh it made me feel like i was saving money while i was spending more..hehehe.

    Let's see, as i can't think of more stuff to write about..

    My favorite Make-Up items/Tools:

    1. Gotta love MAC Bare Study paint pot--i frrrreaking use this every single day!

    2. Mineralize SatinFinish is the first ever liquid foundation that did not break me out. i love this sooo much..especially applied with..

    3. 187 a.k.a. "the skunk brush" i only have the Limited Edition that came in the Heirloom Face Brush Set, but i promised myself i am getting the full size version soon..maybe tomorrow or this coming

    4. Handwritten eye shadow from the Matte2 collection, i use this as my crease color, and i love how it just applies like butter on my lids. Usually, when i hear "matte" i just feel like "blah" as it is usually associated with the term "chalky" but this eyeshadow definitely proved me wrong.

    5. I still have love for my drugstore brands, NYX blush in Cocoa-loves it for contour, my mascaras- CG LashBlast and Maybelline's Define-A-Lash (the new HOT pink bottle), NYX brush on lipgloss in Killer Lips (i usually just put Chapstick on, but this l/g made me wear it everday)

    On the "serious" stuff

    I just want to say that i am glad 2007 is over. Looking back, i can say that this year was just too rough, i just couldn't think of a word that will describe how hard 2007 was for me. Family issues, friends lost, relationship problems, etc..i am just glad that i stuck it through 2007.

    So here's like a summary of what i learned and what i plan to do to make this year better:

    1. I learned to ignore the people who talk bad about me/us. Paying attention to the sh*t they say is just a waste of time. To stoop down to their level is worse. To John and Ched (yes, i am naming them, stop acting like lil bitches and start acting like adults, you, talking shit doesn't make you look good and definitely doesn't make things better..

    2. Family will always be there no matter what. I can't count how many times my family has bailed me out of my problems, i just want to thank them for that. and i this year, i plan on giving more importance to them.

    3. Quality is better than Quantity..You may have a gazillion friends or i should say acquaintances, but there's only a handful of them you can call your "real friends"

    4. I learned so much this year, relationship-wise. Being together for a short period of time, my boyfriend and i has already gone through a lot. I just want to thank God for blessing me with the man i've been asking Him for for a long time. I promise not to worry too much as we just always end up fighting when i do. This will be a better year for us. So again, for those who are trying to put us down, i suggest that you back off, as it may take every inch of strength you have, but you will never take us down nor break us apart. I'll say it again, we've gone through too much to just give up.

    5. This year, i plan to take my career seriously, but i will still patiently wait on God's plan for me, in the mean time, i should just be content with what i have or in this case, what i do.

    I also did a mini haul yesterday, i just had to get my hands on the MSFs from the N collection before they're gone. The next entry will probable be about my new make-up products, so please do check on back.

    Holla, i'm out, i work tomorrow, i mean later at 6am!