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    Sunday, February 8, 2009


    Someone wrote me a comment on my previous post..Here's what it says..

    "**When you're man's in the military, you're never sure when you're going to see him again, I was just thankful that he was here**"

    he was in texas dumb bitch, stop the boohoo about not knowing when he'll be home because there are men that are over seas that have wives worried about ever seeing them... because you know, THEY AINT IN TEXAS! your fag ass man aint even overseas yet and your crying! MAN UP BITCH!

    don't really know what to say to this. it was from an Anonymous reader, *uhm duh?*..haters never have the courage to show themselves, so i say, you man up fucker!


    Amina said...

    that is sooooooooo mean!!
    I just disable anonymous comments!!

    love your attitude

    Anonymous said...

    people are so gayy. people don't understand that any length of distance puts a strain on anyone's relationship whether its 5 miles away or 3 billion. gosh i hate them ANONYMOUS COWARDS

    kae said...

    how dumb i bet that person has NO IDEA what its like to have a man in the military. and it really is true you NEVER know when u'll see them again or if when u drop them off to deploy if thats the last time u'll ever see them.

    and even if ur man is just in texas, you guys arent together in person!

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    whoa where the heck did that come from? that is just truly ridiculous...i wouldn't even take that one personal...that person is just trying to be mean

    Vanessa M. said...

    ugh haterz...

    Hijabi Apprentice said...

    Yikes! How insensitive!