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    Friday, December 5, 2008

    Ma Ha Matzav?

    that's "What's Up?" in wish I was more creative with coming up with titles..*sigh*

    *takes a deep breath*

    OMG, i feel like i haven't updated for the LOOOOONGEST time..oh wait, yea, i haven't!.. No FOTDs "worth" posting, I've been rocking either one all over eyeshadow and colored liner or classic smoky eyes, no interesting updates either. My life's a bore, and I know this cuz the last time I filled up my car was 3 weeks ago when gas was 70 cents more, Can we say NO LIFE? is how it goes down, NO MAN=NO LIFE..oh well..

    Let this post be picture heavy, I'm just going to share what I've been doing while THE man's away..
    I'm at work, using a stolen connection..and it's taking forever and half to upload the!

    Ok, so i had to wait til i got home to upload and edit the pics since the stolen connection i had at work was they are..

    The face I've been wearing..i just change the color of the liner, i use the 24/7 liners, these babies save me on my lazy days..

    I want this for's not for sale though!
    just like my baby..

    My favorite beer game..Palm Tree, some call it King's cup..I call it fun!

    Saturday night, i went to the club..

    I don't know what her deal was..She was definitely getting it down..NOT MY FRIEND!

    This was yesterday's FOTD, i felt doing something a lil more than a colorful liner..NEUTRALS! anything different?

    and this is today's..for work, i decided to wear smoky grey using one of my favorite pigments, Sweet Sienna..

    ok so i lied, that wasn't pic heavy..i told you it's boring..

    And an update with the LDR (Long Distance Relationship), all I can say is it's not as bad or as hard as i thought it would be. I'm doing fine, thank you to all those who asked..thank you ladies for your concern..We only have 375 days left apart from each other..ONLY..

    Sorry this post seems to be lame, but like what i said, nothing really interesting..


    Anne @ said...

    girl, me too! my man comes back in a year hopefully. hahaha so far it's ok. it's just weird, cuz I'm usually not home after work, but lately i've been going straight home. it's just weird to know that no one will feed or drive me for now. I'm glad things are going well for you and the bf.

    gloriafatboy said...

    i love Kings Cup!! <3

    LadyJane said...

    Pretty, as usual :) Happy to hear that you and your bf are doing good despite the distance.

    Amina said...

    be strong and hang in there! We're here if you want to vent...
    loove the neutrals and smokey eye on you! You look so sophisticated!

    lol on the woman who was getting it down!! You can tell she came to the club to have fun!!

    jeSmakeup said...

    sexyyness!! email me! so i can invite u

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, the guy in one of your pics looks like Michael Phelps!!!

    kae said...

    i think u look pretty and nice contacts! are they circle lenses? i'm glad you and the man are doing good, you can do it! i'm next .. he's leaving either late january or VALENTINES DAY =/

    mayaari said...

    i'm not much of a drinker, but i've never heard of kin'g cup before...but now i wanna know how to play!

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    i know you're going to be okay girl...u know blogging and youtube videos seem to keep me busy me it works, the time will just fly by :)

    vianca_sayys said...

    neutrals are always the best on a lazy day or just smack on eyeliner a blush and lipstick and u all set haha ;D love the picturesss

    iamgrape1119 said...

    WOW! How does your skin stay SOOOO glowy all the time! While colorful colors look amazing on you, I love love love smokey eyes on you!!

    I agree with Ren, blogging/YT definitely keeps the boringness at bay.