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    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    He cheated but I still love him

    I'm talking about MAC, you sillies..

    Now we all know i was frustrated about MAC's new pigment content but i must admit, these are gorgeous colors, but still not worth $20 for a half-full jar. Like what Nessa said, now if they were $10 it would be okay. We can only hope for that my

    So here are some looks I came up with using my newly acquired pigments..

    Look #1 Heritage Rouge
    I fell in love with this pigment when i swatched it at the store. I was first hesitant to get it since i THOUGHT Cranberry e/s looks like it, i swatched it side by side though and they don't look similar at all..Heritage Rouge is a winner in my book..Uber-pigmented! It is a very rich burgundy color. Now, this may tend to look a little vampy or goth-ish, so be careful with what you'll choose to wear with it (shadows, lip color, blush)..Mine almost looked a little too vampy..

    Face: MAC
    Mineralize Satinfinish
    Studio Finish concealer
    Select Moisturecover concealer
    MSF Natural
    Loose/Blot Powder

    Eyes: all MAC unless specified
    Soft Ochre p/p
    Nice Vice p/p
    Heritage Rouge pig. (foiled)
    Texture e/s
    Black Tied e/s
    Carbon e/s
    Nanogold e/s (inner corners)
    Graphblack Technakohl
    Colorstay l/l
    Colossal mascara

    MAC Peachykeen Blush (my new favorite)
    MAC Positive Charge Richmetal Highlighter

    MAC Sweet Tooth Tendertone

    I thought I looked a little goth-ish. My black hair didn't help

    Look #2 Antiqued Green
    I love this one too. It's not as vibrant and unique as the first one but you know how much of a sucker I am for teals/green. I also thought this one was close to Teal pigment, but again, I was wrong..I need to be more familiar with my eye shadows..haha

    By the way, this FOTD was kind of a waste. I was supposed to go to the club Friday night, I hurried to get ready and all, only to find out my friends cancel right when they were about to pick me up..Don't you just love that?


    Eyes: MAC unless specified
    HIP Secretive paint (great as an all over base. better than applying p/p over another p/p)
    HIP Steely paint (great black/charcoal base)
    Antiqued Green pig. (foiled)
    Texture e/s
    Cloudburst e/s
    Carbon e/s
    Shroom e/s
    Graphblack Technakohl
    Peacock Glitter liner
    Colorstay l/l
    Colossal mascara

    Peachykeen blush
    Positive Charge rm/h
    Too-Faced Sun Bunny

    MAC Sweeth Tooth t/t

    Look #3 Gilded Green
    Now I know this is a lil bit late. I did this look last week but i forgot to take pictures so here's a revisited version. This is the look i wore today..Did i tell you I'm a sucker for greens?

    Face: SAME

    Bare Study p/p
    HIP Steely paint
    Gilded Green pig. (foiled)
    Texture e/s
    SMASHBOX Frame e/s
    Carbon e/s
    Gold Mine e/s (inner corners)
    Graphblack Technakohl
    Colorstay l/l
    Colossal mascara

    Too-Faced Sun Bunny
    MAC Hipness blush
    MAC Pearl CCB

    High 90's s/s
    Pink Grapefruit l/g

    WARNING: I tend to cam-whore when i like the outcome of the look

    Pardon the brow mess..

    My hair wasn't done yet..OOGLY

    Oh, I am starting to love my skin again, thanks to my good friend, Ly-na

    This was taken when I got home from work..You can tell by the oil spill on the face, but i just wanted to show that pigments are crease-free when foiled, mind you it was very HUMID, good job!

    Btw, I didn't get any of the quads from the Cult of Cherry collection. they were blah to me. Nothing special. The only stuff i picked up from this collection was Jampacked l/g and Lightly Ripe l/s. And the 2 pigments from Overrich. I was going to get Museum Bronze pig. but for some reason they didn't get that one. I also might go back for a couple more lippies from the Cult of Cherry, any recommendations on what the MUST HAVES are?




    SPECiAL x GiRL said...

    i like your smokey eyes : ) i can't pull them off.

    can you help me out please? check out my newest blog entry and give me your opinion? Thanks in advance love<3

    Amina said...

    heritage looks GORGEOUS on you!
    you are rocking all these 3 looks!!
    the make-up is flawless!!

    cheeeezie said...

    you look gorgeous as always, i love the 2nd look <333 sorry to hear it was a "waste" though =\

    girl, you should do a tute! i'm always inspired by your looks :)

    SPECiAL x GiRL said...

    I'd hate to fill up your comments with my questios. Is there any other way to contact you? Facebook maybe?

    Weightlifting isn't actually all about weights, because there's all sorts of work out equipment. I guess the instructor called it "weightlifting" since he loves it so much lol. I wear mostly mineral powder foundation and so far it hasn't been bad for my skin. This goes for hot summer days too. I'd hate to wear makeup & break out from sweating. Is it worth the risk? I really don't want to reveal my acne scars to the rest of the world.

    Vanessa <3 said...

    the second one is my fave!!

    jeSLovezMakeup said...

    Such a pretty look! i like the glided green =) ur pinay huh?

    jeSLovezMakeup said...

    i found u on vans makeup ride :)

    BrightColoredMakeup said...

    love them all!! stay gorgeous girl <33

    Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

    Thats a scary title...haha

    Shades Of U said...

    Sooo gorgeous Mandi! I can't wait to get my Antique Green, your green look is breathtaking. BTW, the name of the seller is supa (her username). You can do a search for her then send her a message. :)

    Roxy said...

    i love creme cerise l/s & cherry blossom l/g from COC! especially together! i really like the first FOTD btw

    L said...

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, i like both of them but i'm esp. feelin' the green. fresh job woman! keep em fotd's comin! :)

    christy. said...

    oo i love all of the looks. so sexyand sultry ;D

    Hello KT said...

    hey, bath & body works is having a 75% off sale of ALL vincent longo cosmetics since theyre discontinuing it! just thought id share with all my favorite-fellow beauty bloggers = D

    elle said...

    I love the greens, they look gorgeous. I'm really loving MAC recently.
    BTW, you should definitely be happy you're not in Australia. Pigments are $40 here. Everything is double.

    jeSmakeup said...

    geezzzzzz... ur soOooo gorgeous!! i like look #1 goes with you a lot!!