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    Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    overdue tag games!

    Sorry, i'm not the best player..prolly not good at all..but please know that i didn't forget!..:)

    Tagged by Nywele

    * My Foundation: MAC Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 in NC 37/Maybelline Mineral POwer Liquid Foundation in Natural Beige

    * My Mascara: MAC Plushlash/Maybelline Great Lash

    * My Blush: MAC True Romantic/MAC MSF in Light Flush

    * My Eye Shadow: MAC Ricepaper/MAC Rose Blanc

    * My Day Cream: Aveeno SPF 15

    * My Lipstick: MAC Lollipop Lovin'/MAC Buoy o Buoy

    * My Beauty Product Brand: MAC

    * My Essential Beauty Product: Moisturizer

    * My Favorite Makeup Product: eyeshadows

    * My Perfumes: Ralph Lauren

    * My Nails: Pinks..i'm boring!

    * My Feet: ?..i "exfoliate" once in awhile

    * My Hands: any lotion

    * Three Products to bring on a deserted island: water, tanning oil and moisturizer

    * Woman I admire for their beauty: i don't have a specific one in mind..

    * Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Mrs. Beckham

    * My Ultimate Dream:to be a make-up artist and chef on the side

    * How Do I Define Womanhood: being a good wife to your husband and the best mother that you can be to your kids

    * My Favorite Fashion Publication: Seventeen *the bf says "You're not 17 anymore" also like People Style watch

    Another one by Nywele

    Things I'm passionate about:
    Make-up (obviously)
    Rocky and Michi
    my relationship with my family

    Things I'd like to do before I die:
    get a tattoo
    become a successful make-up artist and chef

    Things I say often

    Books I've read recently: count?

    Songs I could listen to over and over:
    The Boss by Rick Ross
    Nothing's Free by Oobie
    What Would You Do by City High

    Traits I'm attracted to in my friends:
    sense of humor
    won't talk shit behind your back/genuine
    same interests

    By Nywele again..thanks Nywele for always including me!!

    6 Unspectacular Quirks:

    1. Fake Purses make me sounds so prissy, but i just can't stand it..i just think that there are non-branded purses that you can rock better than a knock-off..

    2. I've kept all my MAC receipts since i started collecting last October..The total of all my MAC hauls is pretty scary..don't pisses the hell out off the bf!

    3. I start hyperventilating *which my bf hates* when i get is mostly about the house being messy..but i must admit i am laaazy to do house chores too..*tsk*

    4. i think i "overclean" my make-up brushes..i have like over 40 brushes *and i want more* but i use the same ones always, i clean them every night!..most my MAC eye brushes sit pretty in my brush roll, unused just 'cause..WEIRD!

    5. i'm never on time..if i'm not yet 10 minutes late, then i'm not late..ya dig?'s the FLIP in me, i guess..

    6. i am very cheap with stuff other than MAC..i.e.: for clothes, i shop at F21, Charlotte Russe *i go straight to the clearance racks* Ross too!..for drugstore make-up, i can't spend more than $5 for one item..but if it's MAC, $100 seems like nothing..super unspectacular!

    Camera I Use for My FOTDs (Thanks Lani for the tag, sorry it took me AWHILE to post)

    I've had a few people commend me for taking clear photos. I must say though, i only learned from the ladies here on blogosphere and i think there's a post about it too on Specktra..

    I am not a tech-y kind of person so all i do is set it to Macro and shoot..i don't mess with other settings..i then upload and edit my pictures on Photobucket, i click on "auto fix", and that's about it..and no, i don't photoshop, simply coz i don't have it in my lappy and i don't know

    My camera definitely needs to retire soon, i'll probably get the same kind, but updated version with higher resolution/mega pixels..i like to stick to the same brand , so i don't have to get used to a totally different one..if that makes only i can stop buying make-up then i can afford to get one..i might start making video promises though, but we'll see!..

    I am not tagging anyone coz these games were ages everyone has probably been tagged already..but..if you're reading this and you haven't been tagged, feel free to play!..

    i hope this suffices for the longest ever lack of updates..there will be more to keep on checking back!..ciao!

    Upcoming Posts:
    More FOTDs (Naughty Nauticals look included)
    My Naughty Nauticals haul and another MAC make-over


    Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

    hey love. I e-mailed you, did you get it okay? :)

    Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

    Hey, e-mail me so that I can send you the codes. :)

    Here's my e-mail addy:

    nywele said...

    i enjoyed reading your tag games..
    oh my god! I am like you too...I am cheap when it comes to clothes and shoes and i have to admit i hate shopping for clothes!!
    I always shop alone..
    but MAC...gasp!!

    did you see all the new upcoming collections on Specktra? we're going broke...

    MakeupWithLakahna said...

    they discountinued it really?
    if so, i think i saw some more at my local target i may need to get some back up in case

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    yay ur back...that was an interesting lil post, i feel like i got to know you a lot better! can't wait for your naughty nauticals fotds :)

    (g)ezebel said...

    LOL!! i hyperventilate, too!! but only when i'm drunk. heehee

    i bought a fake LV purse, and felt so self-conscious that i only used it twice.

    (g)ezebel said...

    wait... you keep your receipts?! girrrrl, no wonder the bf is mad!! i toss mine out immediately, take the new stuff out of the boxes, and stuff them in my purse just to avoid my husband complaining. *sheepish grin*

    Anonymous said...

    that is no problem lol! yeah, i'm kinda back! =) gald you checked my blogspot out, still kinda new at this thing.