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    Friday, May 23, 2008


    is what i am..

    I quit my job and started my new job last Friday. With training and my regular hours, i've worked 7 days straight..that makes 66 hours, oh plus one hour today..i am so exhausted..this has been by far the longest week ever!..*deep breath*..

    I can't keep up with MAC anymore, collections are coming out left and right. I haven't even posted my Naughty Nauticals looks yet, here comes another..I hauled Neo Sci-fi and Solar Field yesterday, i went straight to MAC as soon as i got off work..I felt that i "deserve" didn't go crazy like i did on the past collections..i'm trying my hardest to cut down on my make-up expenses as the boyfriend and i are saving up for a new car and we're also planning to move to a new apartment soon..i picked up 4 things..yes ladies, you read that right, just FOUR!..2 eyeshadows, 1 blush and a beauty powder..eyeshadows that i got were, evening aura (the peachy-orange-y e/s) and the super GORRRRRGEOUS magnetic fields=LOVE LOVE LOVE..then i also picked up Spaced-out sheertone shimmer blush which i think is really gorgeous as a highlight color..then last would be Solar Riche, i mainly got that just for the compact..i might come back for a lipstick and a lipglass later, we'll see..none of the l/s and l/g appealed to me, i just want one of each for my collection..i don't know about you but i looooove the LOUD, i love it!

    anywoodle, here' a couple of looks from awhile days have been so hectic i don't get to take pictures of the looks i've done recently..don't worry, nothing special anyway..

    Look #1
    Dramatic Smokey eyes..
    This is the first time i did a REAL smokey eye look. I always felt intimidated by this look since it is indeed very dramatic..I didn't get to wear this out though, it was just one of those "just playing looks"..This is also very different because i didn't use not one MAC product..*what???, no MAC* used all drugstore items!..on with the look..

    Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation *whew, that's a mouthful*
    Maybelline Mineral Power concealer
    Nichido Loose Powder

    HIP paint "secretive"
    HIP paint "steely"
    ELF Dusk e/s
    Nyx Brown e/s (no name, it's in a trio)
    ELF Ivory e/s
    CG Lashblast

    Milani Luminous Mineral blush *i think* if not, then it's probably Mai-Tai
    Wet N Wild bronzer

    ELF tone correcting concealer *lol*
    Nyx clear gloss

    dramatic shot to go with the dramatic eyes

    so how did i do with drugstore items?..should i say, move over

    Look #2
    This was inspired by makeupgeektv's teal and orange tutorial..

    Eyes: all MAC unless noted
    Bare Study p/p or Soft Ochre p/p *i can't remember*
    Moodring e/s
    Shockwave e/s
    Sweet Sienna p/m
    Shroom e/s (highlight)
    Plushlash mascara
    HIP black cream liner

    Cheeks: all MAC
    Joyous BPB
    Jardin Aires p/m (highlight)

    Lollipop Lovin *i think*
    Sock Hop l/g

    Look #3

    Eyes: all MAC unless noted
    Soft Ochre p/p
    Expensive Pink e/s
    Amber Lights e/s
    Twinks e/s
    Handwritten e/s
    Ricepaper e/s
    HIP black cream liner
    Plushlash mascara

    Cheeks: MAC
    Eversun BPB
    Jardin Aires p/m (i love the "glow" it gives my cheeks)

    Lips: MAC
    Fleshspot l/s
    1N l/g

    see the glow?

    i still have a few to post later..for back, i soon get the groove of my new schedule so i'll have enough time to take pictures of my looks..i missed you all!..I'm still updated with all of your blogs, just haven't commented on any..sorry!..:)..i'll be back on my game soon, promise!


    nywele said...

    I missed you! I hope you'll get some well-deserved rest with the memorial weekend!

    The looks posted are soo pretty! especially the smokey eye! It is so sexy!!

    I am waiting on my sci fi order. I am trying to save up too and MAC has just decided to ruin us!!
    so...i got expensive pink, sci-fidelity lippie, pink grapefruit and x-rocks blush..

    enjoy your weekend!

    Virtuous Blue said...

    Wow...these looks are absolutely gorgeous. And I think you did a wonderful interpretation of a smokey eye. It's dramatic, but soft and complimenting at the same time. And im a fan of steely as well. I've used it on my smokey look and it's just so pretty. And the last look? You look like a golden goddess. I love it!


    mrslanielovesmac said...

    Ooh... I love all the looks especially the bronzy one!! All are so pretty!!! Have a great Memorial weekend!

    Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

    Ohh, I really like that first FOTD. It's sultry and smexy. ;)

    Emilee @ GMM said...

    The smokey look is hot! I love looking at your FOTDs. :)

    Lily said...

    cute looks!!

    mandilicious said...

    thanks girls!..sorry for the lack of updates!..

    Lily: Hi! reader..yay!..thanks for stopping by!..

    melai said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    melai said...

    i just read your profile. how funny, i am in accounting too...the accounting department that is...i love the stuff from the neo sci-fi collection. i got some shadows and a nail polish. haha. couldn't resist the aqua shade. i am loving spaced out blush too. my client got first dibs on it yesterday. sooo pretty!

    p.s. black ore is the bomb! mac has nothing like it...i recommend that everyone get it...

    (g)ezebel said...

    i just did my online order of MAC neo sci fi. i can't remember what i bought now! i wasn't too impressed with the colors. oh, i only bought black ore. the rest is just some of their normal stuff i wanted.

    oooo, your smokey EOTD is SEXY. i liiiike.

    Lily said...

    hey, i hope you don't mind if i subscribe to your blog. i've been reading it for a while now. i'm glad you started blogging again!

    ladystarr said...

    i really like look #1. pretty smoky look& u didn't use mac! wow =)

    May Nguyen said...

    love the colour combonations