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    Monday, March 3, 2008

    guess who i met yesterday..

    Rocky and i went to this almost "newly" opened outdoor mall yesterday. We were supposed to take Michiko with us but we felt that she was kinda sick *nose dry-not hyper sick* we just left her at home..oh my, was the weather gorgeous was super sunny, but not hot, hence the outfit in the picture later..the bf and i just wanted to walk around, we shopped a bit, but we went mainly to just hang out. i was trying my HARDEST not to go to MAC since the bf pointed out that i just had spent more or less $600 on make-up for the past 2 weeks..which is totally NOT good..damn you FAFI! of course my addiction once again took over, we went..Hey, i just wanted to see if they still have the 180 buffer brush..since i couldn't find it on the website anymore..**i didn't even know it was SE**..and nope, they didn't have it..:( i really wanted a decent buffer brush to use on my IPPs, i've been using EoB blender? brush i think, and gaaah, it sheds more than Michi i wanted another crease brush, i don't know why, but i just wanted another one..the MUA was really rooting for the 217 which i already have, then the 222 just didn't feel got the 223 instead *repromote of Raquel Welsh?*..then i was looking for a blush brush..the MUA recommended the 138..and i was like, heck no, $52 for a brush, no cut this short..i still got much for will power to refuse huh? like the MUA said, it's a good okay.

    so why the title?..the MAC counter we went to was the counter where Alicia or better known as xsparkage of youtube works at..yay..i know, i was being a FOB and asked to take a picture with

    i was so shy but the bf insisted that i should do it, it will be interesting for the blog..He was actually the one who asked her..Then to top it all off, i bust out my camera, posed with her, the bf clicked, only to find out that it didn't have an SD we instead used her embarrassing right?..she's really nice though..i'll definitely have her do my make-up one of these days!.. i get home, i tried using the 223, it is really soft and all..however, it just doesn't do the i'm returning it today..i hate reutrning stuff, but if it doesn't work for me then why keep it right?


    mayaari said...

    Coastal Scents has some nice, extremely affordable brushes - I use their flat bronzer brush to apply my mineral foundation and it feels very soft on my skin, and rarely sheds.

    I know what you mean about returning makeup/brushes - I hate doing it, but if it doesn't work, why hold on to it?

    christianadivine said...

    hehe. what a cute pic of you and xsparkage. :]

    Emilee @ GMM said...

    Aww, it's too bad you didn't like the 222. It's become one of my favorite brushes for the crease! If you're looking for a kabuki/buffer brush, have you tried the 182? The hairs are so soft.

    I can't believe you meet xsparkage! That's so cool. :)

    yummy411 said...

    aww you met her!! so exciting. i love her..uhh her on youtube LOL!

    see.. should've gotten the 222. didn't feel right? try it out for sure! 217 and 222 can't be topped!

    oh you are as bad as me! i got the 138 too! that point, cheek brush temptation!

    Mrs. Lynne, said...

    how exciting! and what a sweetheart of her to take pictures and use her camera, hah.


    Now see you know you watch youtube too much when you boyfriend knows who xsparkage is LOL! My girls could probably pick out Aboywearingmakeup in crowd! They love that man.