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    Thursday, January 24, 2008

    Super Tired

    i'm tired. i have stick a toothpick under my lids to keep my eyes i really wanted my SUPPOSEDLY Tuesday entry done. BUT Photobucket is being gay and they're having this maintenance thing. I also have a few of FOTDs that i was going to post however, i might just post one since they all look the same, i don't want to bore you ladies..anyhoo, i'm signing off now, hopefully by tomorrow or this weekend i get to finish my "Tuesday" entry.

    I'd also like to say thanks to these beautiful ladies who took time to read my blog and leave comments: and since i STILL don't know how to link their blogsites, i am linking 'em someone teach me how to do that.

    Shawnta-the very first person to comment on my blog

    this is so ghetto..hehehe..anyone, please help me pimp my

    I'm out! Mwah mwah!



    Here you go girl! Hope it helps, let me know if you get stuck anywhere.

    Go to Blogger Dashboard
    Click on Layout
    Click on Add a page Element
    A Box will pop up and says add a new element
    Click add to blog under link list
    A box will pop up where you put in the title of your list. Ex: blogs I love
    Leave the little box underneath the title blank
    You have the option of sorting the list alphabetically or not to sort at all
    Then you put in the site url
    Then you put in the title like you would want it appear on the blog. Ex: you could put Shawnta, <3Shawnta, or Peace Love and Namaste
    Make sure you click add link and then it will put the one that you just made at the bottom and clear the space for you to add another. Keep doing that and then make sure you hit save changes.
    Then you can move it around in layout to where you want it to be.

    I like the new colors buy the way! It reminds me of victoria secret!

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    LOL good job Shawnta, she hooked u up! every morning I go to my blog and just start clicking down the links to read the page of each of my blogging's more convenient for me. and i see someone has a new design, oh la la! can't wait for more fotd's, get it girl!

    Vanessa said...

    Love you mamasita!