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    Sunday, January 27, 2008

    Long Overdue

    EDIT: this was supposedly last Tuesday's post read that right! three and a half furrreeeakin hours late..that's like the worst ever, i know i have this BAD habit of being late, but gaaaah! 3 1/2 hours is BAAAAD!!!..i slept in, that's why..i was supposed to wake up at like 5am 'cause i work at 6 but when i woke up, the sun was already out, without even looking at the time, i knew that i was already LATE! i immediately called my co-worker, then the boss, i told him the truth of course, and he just laughed at was like really a short day.

    i did a super duper mini MAC haul today. Pursebuzz's review on the N collection made me want to get another Light Flush "with more veins", she said, for more shimmer. After i saw her video, which was like late last night, i was itching to go to a MAC store and pick one from their stock with a lot of veins. so after work, i got ready, and headed to the mall..Since we're pressed for time, as always 'cause the bf's working tonight, we went to the nearest one, the MAC counter that i really don't like going to, but i had no choice it's either i go there and get it today or wait til this weekend. we get there and i explain to the MA what i wanted, that i already have one, blah blah blah and i want the one with a lot of veins, and she looks at me all weirded-out like, "what is this girl talking about?" blah blah blah until she understood what i really wanted, she brought out like 5, and had me choose, they all looked the same though, she even explained to me that i usually get to the shimmer-y part after i break down the first layer, but i was like "well, then i'm still getting one for back up, maybe" i just ended up picking the one that had the biggest crack (vein).. and i also got 1N, as ya'll know, i am not a fan of lip stuff, but i really dig nude shades.. :) i guess that's REALLY it for me from this collection, i know i've said that in my other entry but oh well, i promise, that's it!..

    hmm..i had my hair cut today too!..after 92040287 years of not having style to it, i actually had the courage to go the salon and have it last trim that i had was ages ago and was done by no other than the bf! this was a big change for me. i've been doing neutral looks these past few days.. maybe 'cause it's so much easier and faster to do than colorful make-up. i think, neutral eyes don't need much blending, eh? i am so loving neutral looks!!

    i was looking through the pictures and all three looks look the same, sorry in advance for boring you with these looks..hmm..and yea i wear liquid foundation now more often than i used to because the boyfriend always comments that i should do something more with my face than just concentrating on my eyes. hehe..weird, but yea, i always take everything he tells me in to consideration.

    Sunday's FOTD:

    MAC Mineralize Satinfinish in NC37
    Maybelline Mineral Concealer
    MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW 30
    MAC Loose Blot Powder in Medium Dark

    MAC Blush Creme in Maidenchant
    MAC MSF in Light Flush (love love love!!!)
    MAC Sculpt & Shape in Accentuate/Sculpt

    MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl
    MAC e/s in Shroom (lid to brow bone)
    MAC e/s in Rich Flesh (N collection; outer v blended onto the crease)
    NYX Suede e/s (brows)
    L'oreal HIP cream liner in Black (upper lashline)
    MAC Technakohl in graphblack (waterline)

    NYX in Killer Lips

    i love Mineralize Satinfinish, note: i have the "monthly break-out"

    Monday's FOTN
    Exactly the same as Sunday's

    Same as above too only instead of S&S powder, i used NYX blush in Cocoa to contour

    MAC Bare Study p/p
    MAC Vanilla Pigment (lid to brow bone)
    MAC Rich Flesh (outer v to crease)
    MAC Shroom i think or Ricepaper (highlight)
    NYX Suede e/s (brows)
    L'oreal HIP cream liner in Black (upper lashline)
    MAC Technakohl in graphblack (waterline)

    Same as above also but mixed with
    MAC Viva Glam V

    i don't have a face shot so i'm posting a picture with bf instead, that's the closest face shot i have..other pictures were

    Today's FOTD
    it was today that i first tried using Maybelline Mineral Liquid Foundation, and i am really happy about the outcome. At first i was kinda skeptical of buying this 'cause of my bad experiences with drugstore foundation in the past. But, after reading Vanessa's review on this product, i just felt like i have to try it. Thanks Vanessa! So, what i think about the product, I like how they have testers for it, drugstore make-up never had any until now, it is SUPER hard to pick the right shade if there aren't testers, since *for me* they all look the same in a sealed bottle. Maybelline also offered a wide variety of shades, enough, i think to match any lady's shade out there. I got Natural Beige which was a bit dark with strong yellow undertones, i swatched it on the back of my hand and it just blended with my skin color, so i was like, "i found my match"..LOL..I was so excited to use it today, so when i got home from work, i "played" with it..I love it even more applied with a 187 brush. It just felt so natural, and the coverage is amazing. You'll see in the pictures. And ooh, i also got the Powder form, i haven't tried it yet, but can't wait to see how that one goes.

    Maybelline Liquid Foundation in Natural Beige
    Maybelline Mineral concealer
    MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
    Nichido Loose powder in So natural

    Revlon Pinch Me in Cheeky Cherry
    MAC Light Flush MSF
    NYX Blush in Cocoa (contour)

    MAC Nano Gold (N collection);it looks really nice in the pot, but used, it barely shows the color
    MAC Rich Flesh N (N collection)
    MAC Shroom (highlight)
    NYX Suede (brown)
    NYX Suede e/s (brows)
    L'oreal HIP cream liner in Black (upper lashline)
    MAC Technakohl in graphblack (waterline)

    i have to check later

    and my new hair cut

    The bf said that i should do something different, play with more colors. So, i'll probably do a more colorful look one of these days.





    love the FOTD's! your hair looks super cute! i was thinking about getting another light flush as a backup but... i wonder how long these MSF's actually last before you get to the pan?

    but hopefully, if my counter still has it then i'll get another one coz i love it so much.

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    love the hair, and I love the light flush MSF too! you make me want to try to get the maybelline foundation but i'm so paranoid about getting the wrong color...flashbacks of middle school where I looked like I wore a pink mask, lol

    Vanessa said...

    Glad you love the Maybelline foundation! You look gorgeous as always! And you are right, the coverage is amazing! (I always think it looks different on me, so I am glad to see it on someone else!)

    Love it!

    Anne said...

    ok really.... i'm convinced... definitely gon buy the light flush now. it's sooooo pretty how it gives you a nice glow. btw, what brush did you use? maybe that will make a difference too.

    hopefully they still have the msf in my neck of the woods