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    Friday, January 25, 2008


    Thank God it's Friday!..i got 2 days to slack off..i need to do our laundry, and reward myself later with a MAC haul..haha..i don't know, i guess it has become a weekend thing for me. I plan to go the the free standing store so i can get pan refills, other than that, i don't know what else to get..Maybe a few pigments. I really want to get the reflects glitter transparent teal, ordering it from the website would be my last resort so i'll try getting it tomorrow. So far, i've only tried 3 MAC counters and they are all out..

    I didn't work until 2pm today, this morning i went to CVS to see what good deals they have, and oh was i blown away by BOGO, 50-75% off, etc. I wanted to get the HIP pigments, but i think i was still half asleep, i couldn't really decide which i wanter. But after i saw the swatch on Vanessa's blog, i thought, "Damn, why didn't i get that???" so i might pass by CVS again tomorrow. the only thing i got from the huge sale, was one's Revlon's Diamond Lust e/s in..i have to check later..i am too lazy to go upstairs and check..i also got 2 EoB crease brushes, similar to MAC's 219. that was was too early for me to be hauling..and oh, Vanessa, Oreo cakesters is the shiiiiit.. :) they really are



    mac hauls are always awesome!! i wanted to go to mac yesterday but i stopped myself :)


    that's right. makeup is a great thing to be addicted to but it's so pricey. do you have any idea on what you're planning to get when fafi comes out?

    btw, i linked your site. hope you don't mind :)


    I totally wasn't into the BOGO sale at CVS either. I only got two HIP shadows, I just couldn't convince myself to get anything else other than some brushes.