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    Tuesday, December 4, 2007


    Let me tell you a lil something about myself. I've had interest in make-up since i was a lil girl. We had a salon back then, so you can just imagine all the make-up i had to play with..I'm actually the one in the family who they would come to to have their make-up done. Basically, make-up was one of my passions. It was just September of this year that i *kinda* took it to the next level..ADDICTION..haha..How, you may ask..i stumbled upon one of Pursebuzz's tutorials on her youtube, then i got hooked on it more and more, which led to me to stephie's youtube and blogspot and before i knew it, here i am starting my own blog site.
    I've been writing a few blogs *mostly about make-up* on my MySpace and also posting looks on my Multiply site so i thought, why not make my own blog site where i can put both. This would be like my diary where i would keep pictures of the looks I've done, thoughts on products, experiences regarding make-up, etc. Well, i also like to vent out on my blogs, so expect to see random entries about my personal life..hmm..ramble..ramble..ramble..
    There you have it. Enjoy!.. Please also keep in mind that whatever will be posted here may not necessarily be right, but just my own opinion or how i would do it *make-up, in case*. Thank you for looking..*lol, if anyone did*..Here's one look i did that was featured on stephie's blogspot