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    Wednesday, December 19, 2007

    post happy

    i am being post happy tonight.

    i guess my new routine is, updating my blogspot only after Tuesdays since i work @ 6 in the friggin' morning on Mondays and Tuesdays..the rest of the week are chills days.
    i can actually afford to stay up late tonight, i don't work until 2pm tom so let's babble away..


    i really love my sorta new's not hard at all..i don't even get tired..well..except for the days that i have to wake up at 5am..gaaah, i dread Mondays and Tuesdays, oh well, it's just 2 days...i love my job still..maybe because i like meeting and speaking with different kinds of people. i mean, the job isn't to die for, but i really enjoy it and that's what's important right?..i love it, nuff said!

    we're getting our dog next week..i think?..anyhoo, it's been about 3 weeks since we met our future dog's owner..the bf and i were hanging out at our friend's house when i saw this lady walking 2 pugs..i came up to her and asked her about her dogs. the bf and i have been wanting a dog for the longest time already, we just couldn't get it before since my mom won't allow dogs in our house..but now that i moved in with the bf, we're finally getting a dog..yay!!so yea, it was so coincidental that the dog the lady was walking just gave birth to 5 female pups..woot woot..they're selling them for $350 and we're getting one. we just had to wait a couple weeks though for the pup to be okay to part with her momma..and the long wait is over..we can get it next week!..but the question is, will we get it? and i have been discussing that we might not be able to get it until after New Year's, when we get back from Vegas because if we get her before our trip, nobody will dogsit her.. : ( and no, i won't bring her to Vegas..that's just too much work. Plus, this is my first one, i don't have enough experience yet. *tsk..anyone? anyone out there want to dogsit for us?..hehe..

    hmmm..what else..what else..ok i actually made a video tutorial on my favorite night or "going-to-the-club look" SUCKS..big don't know why, but i felt shy doing it. it actually came out better than i expected but, it still sucks, plus the audio was like blah..can't freakin' hear a thing.. i was just using my laptop's built-in cam and mic so maybe that's why. i haven't actually figured out how to fix yea..i don't think i'll ever publish or post that one. my friend watched it, and i was really embarassed..hahaha..

    babbling babbling this time, i think you have already clicked on close or typed in a different for boring you..hehehe..anyhoo..til next post..peace out! good night!