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    Monday, December 10, 2007

    L'oreal HIP cream eyelieners

    Let's discuss the much-raved about L'oreal HIP cream eyeliners. Walgreens had a BOGO free promo on the entire HIP line, i was only interested with the cream liners. There are 5 colors, i only got 4..teal, midnight blue, black and violet. i didn't care too much for the brown..i heard so much about this product, mostly good things. let me share you what i think about them. They are often compared to MAC fluidlines because of a few things. One could be the packaging as it may look like a bigger version of MAC fluidlines or maybe just a regular paintpot. L'oreal HIP cream eyeliners are smudge-proof like the fluidlines, and both require a brush for application. These cream liners may be a little too pricey for a drugstore brand. They're like $10+ dollars per pot of .16 oz, but if you really think about it, compared to a MAC fluidline which is .01 for $15 plus tax, these cream liners are a steal, plus don't forget the angled brush that comes with it. i think a .16 oz pot will last you forever, well maybe not, but a long long time.

    They go on really creamy, they are very easy to apply. a little goes a long way. The brush is ok too, it may be a little stiff but i think it's ok especially when you're on a budget, you won't have to spend extra mullahs for a brush.

    all in all, i like this product and i will definitely buy it again--that is if i ever run out, which i doubt.

    i want to share you some photos of what i got and swatches as well..

    they really look vibrant in the pots. yummy.. you can see brush, i swatched them as soon as i got out of the store...


    left to right: Black, Midnight Blue, Violet and Teal
    w/o flash

    w/flash..they have super fine glitters but not much that it would look like a shimmer-glimmer liner..they're like matte with a lil bit explanation

    Hope this helps. Thanks for looking.



    ahhhhh so much makeup so little time! It's good to have alternatives since some of MAC's items are LE or just too damn pricey.
    I'll just call you the girl formally known as mandilovesmakeup! LOL

    Nat said...

    I gotta tell ya - I live for this stuff. I use it all the time. I have purchased some MAC fluidlines and it's just too small. I like the colors of those, but my money is on HIP. If they want to compare to MAC though they need to come out with more colors!