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    Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    long overdue!! 2nd MAC make over

    ..was only a day after my first. i must tell you though, this wasn't planned at all. i just wanted to visit the MAC at the new mall in Gilbert. *duh!! like it's going to be any different from the one i always go to..haha..anyhoo, an MA which is also a trainer for all MAC stores in Arizona, offered to do my make-up. . She recognized me, **she was also at that other store where i got my 1st makeover..
    So, she sat me down and started applying make-up on me. She would explain each and every step she did. The look that she wanted to achieve was subtle, concentrating more on having a perfect complexion..doing highlight and contour..her words "you know when people look at you, they compliment your MAKE-UP, this look, they look at you, they close their eyes and what they remember is how beautiful you are"..loves it..

    products she used on me:

    Moisturizer: strobe cream

    Studio Fix Fluid in NC40 (applied using 168)
    Studio Stick Foundation in NW 45 (contour, applied with 168 as well)
    Studio Touch-Up Stick in NC 15 (highlight, finger)
    Sweet William blushcreme

    Lingering (brows)
    Metal-X shadow Pure Ore (finger used)
    Cork (crease; 224)
    Blacktrack Fluidline (upper lashline; 209)

    BBQ pencil
    High Tea l/s

    The Face Chart:

    The Face:

    the famous creasing shadow:

    my thoughts:
    this makeover is super different..meaning, a look that i am not so much used to. First, the foundation gave me full, THICK coverage which was really new to me since i just started wearing foundation, and i prefer, light application. Then, the contour which was like 92740 shades darker than mine, looked weird for a second, but it came out pretty good. the whole look was very simple, not too much colors used but turned out pretty. One thing i didn't like was, that she didn't use a setting powder of any sort, so it felt really icky..and looked oily, i don't know if it was really supposed to be like that, but i personally didn't like it. ooh and also the metal-x shadow creased on me big time, well probably to most of you too..i had high hopes for this collection 'cause of the beautiful vibrant colors, i was diappointed. i ended up getting only one which was Fusion Gold, that i think i'll use as highlight colror. i want to get maybe a couple more, but i'm not sure yet, i might have to read on more "remedies" for these cream shadows.

    oh..the semi-haul (not pictured):
    217 (does wonders, hard to clean though)
    Metal-X Shadow in Fusion Gold
    ..that's it!..i know..Congratulations to me..haha

    anyhoo, i have been busy lately..tired most of the time, work work work.. it has been a long time since my last post..i even forgot that i had my own'll try to update more often.

    also, i changed my blogspot name--AGAIN--back to the first one..gaaaah i can't seem to make up my mind..


    have two more entries i want to finish tonight..hopefully, i get to do it.


    Vanessa said...

    I love the natural look, very pretty eyes! :)


    This looks very nice, but your face does seem extra shinny. The conturing turned out good even though the colors were dark.