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    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Two Weeks Too Short

    **After you go through this entry, you'll understand why it took me forever to put up..

    If you have been following my blog, you probably know that my boyfriend got deployed and was sent to Texas about 2 months ago.

    My friend invited me to his Aunt's house for NYE where all of our friends are going to be at..I wasn't going to go at all because i was sick as fuck..But then i ended up going since my friends were so persuasive..

    I didn't know that it was because..

    My man came home and planned to surprise me there..

    Tears of Joy.

    **When you're man's in the military, you're never sure when you're going to see him again, I was just thankful that he was here**

    The whole crew

    On New Year's day itself, which is also our anniversary, we ate at Cheesecake Factory..

    with a third wheel..ehh..i'm kidding..
    He's lived here all his life but this was his first time eating there..

    For starters we had, TexMex spring rolls

    I had Shrimp Bistro, a Cheesecake Factory staple for me..

    i only had a couple of bites since i was still sick..

    My boyfriend, *his name's Rocky btw* had Chicken Marsala

    Our friend, Neil, had Ahi Tuna

    We were cam-whoring like

    The next "few" pictures are in no particular order..I smoke, i forget easily..haha

    Here in AZ, things to do are very limited..

    1. Shopping

    At the parking lot of the mall..

    a lil too hoochie for the bf, I still went and bought it anyway..haven't worn it yet though, it's too cold..

    with my mom, my aunt and my cousin visiting from AU..

    This is my cousin, and this is his first burrito

    yea, we also had family here from Cali and Australia visiting..
    this is my Aunt from Cali..she's almost 50 but looks like she's in her 30, her body's bangin' too..i envy you Tita!

    she was trying on my Lola's (grandma) wig..haha..

    I was happy that I was able to spend time with both my family and Rocky, they used to not get along til his visit..

    from left to right: me, my Aunt from Aus, my moms and Rocky

    my younger sister in the purple jacket

    2. Eat

    I always forgot to take pictures..

    except for this..fatboy loves his bread..hehe..

    he's gunna hate me for posting this..

    outside boba tea house

    i also have a video of rocky and his friend playing a game while waiting for our

    3. Movies

    **no pictures**..i told you, i smoke, i forget easily..
    We watched 3 movies actually while he was here..

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button -meehhh, it was aiiight..
    Seven Pounds -i like this a lot better
    Twilight -shoot me now, i know I'm the last to have seen this..

    One of the posters for the movie Hotel for Dogs, had to take a picture..

    Here's mine..

    lol, my poor baby..

    3. Lake
    we were supposed to take a short cruise down Tempe Lake but they were closed on MOndays, we cam-whored instead..

    this looks like a postcard..

    our favorite drink, even if it was freezing..BOBA..we had lots of Boba model

    4. Clubbing..

    Part I:

    Part II:

    My FOTD

    Hitting Starbucks before going to the club

    the boys

    Neil here *outermost left* is mean-muggin' it!..haha..

    Susan, i like her, she's really nice!

    We almost always have a picture like this in the club..


    wannabe famous..

    girl on girl

    all sweaty..don't know what was wrong with my jaw..i wasn't rolling, k?

    Part III:


    I used Sea & Sky and Danger Zones MES ( i love how you can use these shadows wet, especially the black one, makes it a lot easier for smoky eyes)

    Matching swagger

    My dream job..

    ..if i had THE body, i's definitely do it!

    look closely..see anything unusual?

    if you follow my twitter, you'll know i lost my was actually this night..EMBARASSING man!

    these pictures were taken on his last day here..

    my boyfriend likes to pose, as you can see..

    yum yum..his last supper, before departure..

    the boysss..

    everyone was wearing white (coincidentally..except for our token white

    they're very comfortable with their

    til next time babe..

    well..sad, he's gone again..if he doesn't get sent overseas, he'll be back in June..

    anyhoo, that's it..sorry it took me forever and a day to post..i'm lazy..


    so-FEE_ah said...

    that is such a good post...I read all of it!! Glad u had a good time

    FuN and MakeUp said...

    ur FOTDS are SOOOooo gorgegous! lovely pictures... and thats such a wonderful supriseeeee... tears of happinesss!! great post u got here.. how long has he been gone? and how long is he staying? its really hard huh.. that sucks.. i dont think i can be able to handle it.. ill miss my bf tooo much.. how long have u guys been together? im askin too much haha well im glad it was a good one for u!! and shrimp bistro at cheesecakef actory? ill keep that in mind.. looks delicious! mMmmmm..

    (( K@Y )) said...

    Glad you was able to spend some precious time with your sweet one! That was sure a surprise that he show up. You look great, nice eyes!

    Laura said...

    Lovely post. Sucks that your man is gone for so long at a time, must be hard :( x x x

    Anonymous said...

    I was looking for makeup tutorials and came across your blog. My husband who I've been with since we were teenagers is also in the military and I feel you. It's tough when they're not around but you know you just have to suck it up and always be supportive which I'm sure you are. Imagine how they feel when they have to go and leave their love ones behind. Mine has had 2 tour of duties in Iraq and each time he leaves it doesn't get any easier. Anyway hang in there...keep yourself busy...and remember the best part of being separated is making up for it when they come back ;)

    Amina said...

    i really enjoy this post!!
    thank you for all the pictures!!
    i am happy to hear you had a wonderful time

    iamgrape1119 said...

    YAY!! Update! I love all the pics! Your BF was so sweet to surprise you! I love all of your FOTDS! Can't wait for more!

    MakeupByRenRen said...

    awwww so awesome how you guys spent time togther and he surprised you, i hope he comes back in june!

    Vanessa said...

    What a nice surprise! I would be crying too! That was very sweet! And I miss ya! Lovely FOTD as always!

    Anonymous said...

    That was a long post but i'm jealous you got to see your man! i have a boyfriend in the Marines.. so I definitely know what the distance's like. I'm glad you had fun though!

    mayaari said...

    so many photos - I looked at all of them :) what a wonderful surprise from your bf! I hope that he's able to see you again in June :)

    Katie-Kat said...

    that is adorable how your bf surprised you!

    p.s. you look so good with the hazel eyes!

    Anonymous said...

    "**When you're man's in the military, you're never sure when you're going to see him again, I was just thankful that he was here**"

    he was in texas dumb bitch, stop the boohoo about not knowing when he'll be home because there are men that are over seas that have wives worried about ever seeing them... because you know, THEY AINT IN TEXAS! your fag ass man aint even overseas yet and your crying! MAN UP BITCH!