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    Saturday, March 22, 2008

    Heatherette Haul and Swatches

    *gasps for air*

    I remember i woke up around 10:00 am the day this was released, and the first thought i had was, Heatherette! i woke the boyfriend up and asked him to drive me to the mall..Usually i would wait until the weekend to haul, since i have work, but with almost everything being temporary sold out on the site, i thought, I DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME, MUST HAUL NOW! always have the fear of something i want being sold out..i didn't even care how i looked like, i just walked out the door and headed to the was still half asleep when i got to the counter, i was like, where the heck is it?..the counter still had Fafi display in the middle..i was thinking, did i get the release date wrong?..then i looked further then i saw a ray of light shining upon me..haha..behold, maybe it was just me still dreaming..anyhoo, i didn't have much time since i worked later that day..but heck yea it's worth being late for!..i so wanted to take a picture of the display, but of course going gaga and wanted to just head to the mall, i left my camera at i got down to business and started swatching..

    Let's move on with the pictures

    aren't they all puhrrrrrty???

    the following were taken without flash

    then my haul..

    Trio 1
    Alpha Girl BP
    Pigments: Jardin Aires
    Pink Pearl
    Reflects Gold
    Dual Edge Pencil: Black Funk/Pop Blue
    Lollilop Lovin' l/s
    Sock Hop l/g

    i might pick up some more stuff next week. i have a gift card that i can't use 'til then, i got it for the studio talk class..these are just the stuff i will die if i don't have..ok too much..but these couldn't wait one more week..besides, one week is a long way from now, they might be sold out of these by then..

    how about you?..which are the ones you cannot NOT have?


    MrsDiaz said...

    Lovely haul! Aww I can't wait to use my Heatherette stuff as well!
    BTW, I'm in love with all the beauty blushes you bought below. I'm so jealous.

    nywele said...

    Lovely haul too! I was laughing while reading your post. You're so funny. lol on "where the heck is it?"... Can you post a picture with sock hop? I actually wasn't impressed with the collection until I saw everything getting sold out online, I was like gasp! I need to get something. After watching videos and swatches, I just picked style minx. Phew! I've been going crazy with hair products purchases so thank god heatherette didn't make me break the bank. I saw a picture on specktra of summer collections. the neo-sci fi sounds promising.