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    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    C-Shock without the C-Shock, eh?

    EDIT: This is last Monday's entry.

    I stayed home alone all day yesterday, Rocky was in his military training. I got sooo bored i started watching Stephie's old videos and decided to recreate her C-Shock Look. However, i wasn't into MAC yet when this collection came out so i just used eye shadows which i thought came pretty close, from MAC as well. I forgot that i purchased this Non-MAC palette from some goth store awhile back which houses C-Shock dupe colors, i only realized i have this palette when i was almost done, and was just looking for a fuchsia e/s to line my lower lash line with. Dang, i own too much make-up, i don't even remember anymore what i have.. But yea, i will recreate this look again next time using just that palette..

    Also, as much as i like how the eye make-up came out, i hated the face..i chose not to wear foundation, and wore just plain ol' loose powder instead..WRONG MOVE!..i think i applied too much concealer too..and with the help of NYX 629 power l/s, i totally looked in rotten dead..gross..oh and yea..break out galore too!


    My Take:

    Products Used:

    Maybelline Concealer
    MAC Loose Blot Powder in Med Dark

    EYES: (all MAC unless stated otherwise)
    Bare Study p/p
    Pharaoh p/p
    Other Worldly p/p
    Overgrown e/s
    Swimming e/s
    Bio Green e/s
    Blue Calm e/s
    Flash Track e/s
    Shockwave e/s
    Frankly Scarlet blush (lower lash line)
    Hot Topic Yellow e/s(outer lower lash line)
    Hot Topic Fuchsia e/s *from the same palette* (inner lower lash line)
    Graphblack Technakohl

    L'oreal HIP liner in Eggplant (i think..the purple one)
    Maybelline Define-A-Lash
    NYC Falsies

    Milani Luminous
    MAC Sassed-Up IPP

    NYX 629 Power..then i changed it to
    MAC VG 5 i didn't match the look i again changed it to..
    MAC Fun N Sexy and Totally It L/!..

    ok, think Psycho movie theme..tan tan tan tan..or ek ek ek ek..with NYX l/s

    ViVa Glam l/g

    Now, with Fun N Sexy l/s and Totally It l/g

    hmm..random pic of MAC Fafi Hipness blush and Milani Mai Tai blush, i just thought i'd share..Vanessa did a look using Mai Tai, and of course, me likey so i buyee!..they may not be super similar since Mai Tai is more orange-y than Hipness, but it's pretty darn close..

    i have a couple more posts i have to finish..
    FAFI face using Fafi Eyes 2
    MY 5 must NOt haves..

    So 'til next's already exactly 4:00am..gotta hit the sack!..nyt!



    ladyjane said...

    Very playful :) Great blending job and I like the lashes too.

    Seymone said...

    The recreation is perfect..

    (g)ezebel said...

    girrrrrl, these eyeshados look GORGEOUS on you!!! love 'em!

    ladystarr said...

    The blending is awesome! great colors!

    mrslanielovesmac said...

    I like your version of Stephienese's look. Very bright and colorful. You got great blending skills too. I like! BTW, I linked you just so you know. Can't wait to read what you'll say about the Beauty Powder Blushes. I'm thinking of getting Eversun and Feeling but not sure. I have Subasque and Peachtwist and they are kind of the same colors. Let me know! Thanks!

    taylor said...

    definately loving this look...SOOOO gorgeous.

    i think i would choose a different gloss color for this though...perhaps clear lipglass or another really neutral lip..the pink was distracting and kinda made the look washed out.

    other then that, BEAUTIFUL.