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    Sunday, March 16, 2008

    5 must NOOOT haves

    this is actually the first time i've been yay!..thanks Shawnta!.. now for my 5 must-not-haves
    This is actually harder to think about than you're regular must-haves..but here goes:

    1. a boyfriend who rushes you all the time when you're getting ready.-You'll just end up taking more time..TIP: train boyfriend to WAIT!

    2. NYC falsies..they're very wimpy, hence very hard to apply!

    3. Maybelline Mineral Power POWDER foundation again, it made me itch like crazy!..i'm definitely happy with the liquid form though..

    4. Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner..i just realized that this product sucks rocks *as Gezebel would say* won't even allow you to apply a 2nd coat 'cause the felt tip will wash out what's already on your lid..SUCKS!..i'll get Revlon next time!

    5. Lipglosses in those twist thingy-majiggys that click click click..i don't know why, but after a few uses these things *the click click click* stop working on me..i stick to the old fashion sponge tip applicators and brushes..

    So there you go, my 5 must NOT haves. I don't know who else to tag since everybody i wanted to tag have already been if you're reading this and you haven't..consider yourself tagged!


    nywele said...

    lol on the boyfriend who pressures you. I cannot stand the click click lipglosses either